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An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [1/9] Show more

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x82_e4 2.1 [soft dronekink, hypnokink, lesbiabs smoochin', erotic ficiton with some doodles] Show more

Robot furry, laser beams, jet engine calves, and moving FAST!!!! Show more

A quick study of some ikeuchi hardware for some work I gotta do tomorrowww

Maid vs Moth comic, tf kink, cherubees, super saiyan effects and some magical girl stuff Show more

Bug Report doing some sweet skate tricks Show more

Mecha lady blocking some space lasers and lookin' great while she does it Show more

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Talking about RSS (+); safe for typical workplaces; kinky story in the screenshot tho Show more

Cute robot!!! Show more

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x82_e4_1.0 [Soft drone kink, hypnokink, blog link] Show more

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#introductions Hey, I'm Lo! I post art on @fluxom_art and trashpost relentlessly on @fluxom_alt and now I'm here to write.

But like, tomorrow 'cause I'm sleepy 💤

Robot Spider Girl Ref Sheet, Includes elements of TF and Hypnokink, and visible mechanical junk, also she's adorable and I love this design Show more

Illustrated fan-art for Double Blind, heavy scars Show more

Illustrated fan-art for Double Blind, heavy scars Show more

Illustration of a partially demonically corrupted woman hanging around in abandoned and partially flooded ruins while being really gay Show more

Today is my birthday!!!! Everyone is obligated to be nice to me.

Also, send cat pics.

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drawn body horror(?) ; heights Show more

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tentacle dress Show more

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