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An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [1/9] 

Gonna repost this thread off my birdsite acct because it MUST be shared.

dronekink writing And Then Some 

I made a backup to x82!! Monsterpit keeps getting fuckywucky but if you pull the pdf off this folder you can keep it in your pocket for wheneverrrr

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Cam's Art Parade: Part 1a (remix f. lo); nsfw images in thread 

So, the tea picture took on a life of its own: several times, I ran it through "AI" coloring, with two of the results included here.

The last picture arose from a discussion in 2020 where several of us were discussing image archive site tags on art of our characters without the context of the original picture. The fantastically talented @fluxom_art offered their services to blind-recreate a piece of art based solely on the tags.

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while back @Balina bought me a fancy mic

today I got my revenge in a dately fashion

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I did a commission for @fluxom_alt!

Another four armed bug with two duel disks joins the ranks!

dronekink, latex, and body painting oh my!! 

Q: How do you get one of those latex outfits that fits so well it looks painted on?

A: Paint it on

a commission for Selin!!

tfw you're going through scrapped robots and one of them boots up to start regaling you about it's singing aspirations

for @Sword_Lesbian !!!

some gay as hell dragons smokin' that V O I D weed 

be careful when smoking void weed, you might make a hole between dimensions and accidentally make a new friend

for drakkenluppen!!!

dronekink but otherwise sfw 

posts homosexually

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posting ageplay on main now, i guess 

nooooooormally I don't wanna post these commissions on main but the lil tum squish and stuffed animal hoard is killing me rn so I really wanna post it anyway tbh

dronekink art, hypnogas, kinda handsy!! 

Commission for Laura!!!

I can't believe I forgot to post this here too when I put it up aksjdghskjgh its a good one

technically sfw but cw-ing this to be safe, flirty viera 

Commission for the queerwolf queen of her Dragoon!!

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your future self in the femme chassis you haven't yet realized you want shows up and kabedons you

what do you do

🎨 @fluxom_art

dangerously comfy non-anthro dragon with visible junk bulge but otherwise sfw 

yo everyone adore this dragon pic I drew for @kistaro RIGHT NOW!!!!!

dronekink, weed, but otherwise sfw art 

Commission for datagirl of a bunch of drones sitting around getting baked as hell

Here's a quick lil piece I did for @BestGirlGrace and @junebug for June's birthday!!!!!!

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yall. i commissioned @fluxom_art again and she fucking knocked it out of the park

its kai doing some self maintenance :dragnhearteyes:

Commission for @chr !!!

Sometimes I wish I could detach my lower half and do direct maintenance on it too tbh

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