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An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [1/9] Show more

visual representation of my struggles with mental health disorders and my exhaustion thereof shown as Lo running a marathon as well as how the kind words of my friends help me find the strength to keep doing despite still being an exhausted mess that is incapable of properly showing gratitude for such displays Show more

mecha bunny space lasers Show more

A couple of people have asked so I decided to finally get around to making a Ko-Fi thing:

Any dollar you give will help fund my continued existence, except with more of me shouting about how I'm very grateful towards you specifically for gracing me with such charity. If I were more an ancient belief I may even swear a blood oath to protect your spirit from ill intents, but I'm a contemporary soul and will instead ask the world to be more favorable towards you instead.

Big mecha furry lady being a big dang hero Show more

Big Mecha Furry Boy standing high in the sky Show more

Moof in a scifi suit Show more

Mecha spider enjoying some outer space. Or technically upper atmosphere? I'm honestly not sure Show more

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Little doodle for @distressedegg re:that pants and bodysuit combo she posted earlier

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little doodle for @fluxom_alt re: that pants and bodysuit combo i posted earlier

Furry Mecha Art, a picture of soft serenity Show more

Tinkering with some colors, trying to put together some palettes

doodles, depictions of blood and technically gore???? like they're not dead but they are missing a head Show more

a whole bunch of furry faces Show more

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this is still my phone bg and I lov it
🎨 cosmicminerals

Cherubees, cuddling, generally furry stuff Show more

NSFW, latex, hypno, gasmask, suiting maybe again??? if the tag lines I used for these so far hasn't already revealed the contents well it's another drone thing but this time more cat Show more

More secretary drone stuff but less NSFW and more humorous Show more

A collection of sketches based on a very fetishized version of a corporate power structure that seems to exist entirely to fuel it's own kink-based interests, VERY NSFW Show more

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