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An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [1/9] 

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Dragonshark Lady suiting up in a cool mechanized suit thing. 

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The fursona arc has come to a close after a whole ass year.

Everyone, meet my hybrid!!!
(Huge thank to
@fluxom_art for their interpretation of em, I love em to shreds ;www;)

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sfw furry art with some latex 

moth thembo IN SPAAAAAAACE 

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it's been a long time coming, but i've finally drawn the third of @fluxom_alt's sonas, stardust

they are a little extra

Update: Slots are now full!! Thank you all so much, I'm so ajsjdhjahashjshajdhdsgshagss rn

for 4 robot-themed comm slots! If you like any of the nonsense I've been drawing or whatnot, now is the chance to call in and get a spot in line. Limited to one person for a slot, and each slot is going for $240. Examples of a piece given below.

More details here ->

Huge mecha lady comes in fast and hot to punch a new beach into existence 

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nsfw, breast expansion 

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May be weird or lewd 

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twitter thread link, NSFW book promotion! 

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implied eye trauma? idk it's a li'l gross 

Mecha Dragon Priest Warrior descends from the sky to save the day 

I drew Marla from memory which consisted of remembering to draw her tail curly but then forgetting what kind of feet she has so I gave her cool robot legs to skateboard with 

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get yourself a fursona you can be proud to show off. fursonas are like show cars or really fancy cats. they deserve to be appreciated

[pieces 3 and 4 by and @fluxom_art]

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I drew Jaycie from partially remembering one character design and being told about other descriptors and then guessed the rest. Now she's a sleepy witch! 

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x82.e4_3.1 (Drone kink and then some) 

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