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An Introductory Guide to the Art of Bapping Things [1/9] 

Gonna repost this thread off my birdsite acct because it MUST be shared.

technically robogore? mecha furry doodle 

felt a strong drive to power our a quick sketch of mecha balina today

its like a crossover between dronekink and overcooked 

a commission for k8!!! with some of Marla's drone ideas

posting ageplay on main again 

felt the claws of existential dread reaching into my heart, decided to draw soft stuff to Not Feel That Dread

commission for @IrisKalmia !!

I've (finally) released the new chapter of x82, the soft dronekink story with a lot of other not so soft things along the way!!!

If you're one of the people who was following me on monsterpit waiting for this to come back, well here you are. Enjoy!!!!

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gasmasks, hypnokink, and drones oh my!!! 

On the bright side at least they have good mask policy

Commission for MsMothra!

a dragon and a bug girl taking a nap, a tasteful nipple, and also some other gays are there but shhhh 

a commission for drakkenlupen, also featuring @junebug !!

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Shark lady looking at a holographic depiction of a synth version of herself 

"look at yourself.
now back to your better self.
now back at yourself.
now back to your better self.

sadly you aren't them, but if you stopped dragging your feet and scheduled that consultation you've been thinking about, you could be."

why do I feel like it's inescapable that future ads will resurrect that meme

Shark lady looking at a holographic depiction of a synth version of herself 

commission for @lhos !

Targeted advertising has gone so far that it's started showing synth bodies directly at the audience to tempt them.

macro skunk girl Grace fucking and twinning a twink/twunk version of the DIA horse Blucifer And Then Some 

the things I do for @BestGirlGrace

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Commission for LIghtninBeatz!

Being an adult means making your own choices and understanding that you can totally get a gigantic teddy bear whenever you want to.

dronekink writing And Then Some 

I made a backup to x82!! Monsterpit keeps getting fuckywucky but if you pull the pdf off this folder you can keep it in your pocket for wheneverrrr

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Cam's Art Parade: Part 1a (remix f. lo); nsfw images in thread 

So, the tea picture took on a life of its own: several times, I ran it through "AI" coloring, with two of the results included here.

The last picture arose from a discussion in 2020 where several of us were discussing image archive site tags on art of our characters without the context of the original picture. The fantastically talented @fluxom_art offered their services to blind-recreate a piece of art based solely on the tags.

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while back @Balina bought me a fancy mic

today I got my revenge in a dately fashion

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I did a commission for @fluxom_alt!

Another four armed bug with two duel disks joins the ranks!

dronekink, latex, and body painting oh my!! 

Q: How do you get one of those latex outfits that fits so well it looks painted on?

A: Paint it on

a commission for Selin!!

tfw you're going through scrapped robots and one of them boots up to start regaling you about it's singing aspirations

for @Sword_Lesbian !!!

some gay as hell dragons smokin' that V O I D weed 

be careful when smoking void weed, you might make a hole between dimensions and accidentally make a new friend

for drakkenluppen!!!

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