Five months ago I asked what people’s plans were if the administration were to start shutting down parts of the internet

i don’t have any answers, and i’m beginning to think would probably be the time to start finding them

• we need video streaming apps that live upload to safe servers outside of the US

• we need ubiquitous, private, secure messaging across the wire and at rest

• and *we need meshes and networks that cannot be shut down at the government’s whims*

and it needs to be done now

internet censorship by the capitalist class and their bootlicking enforcers 

@fluke It's worth mentioning that the last one is mostly a problem due to the so-called last mile.

Private ISPs that legally control access to the wires going from the internet to the individual users' houses makes it easy to cut off anyone they want.

Sustainable and redundant meshes still exist for the most part on the other levels, though even that is fading as more and more of it is taken over and privatized by capitalists.

However, the last mile -- the part where our computers actually plug into and connect to the internet -- is extremely lacking in redundancy and it needs to be fixed asap.

Everyone should be entitled to multiple ways to connect to the internet at all times -- none of which should be controlled by private interests.

@fluke I think mesh is really the way forward. I would like to try to raise money to put together a raspberry pi based mesh that has minimal power requirements and could even be run off a simple solar setup. I think a prerequisite would be that it is community run and if well placed it could get outbound connections from free WiFi spots while using tor or a vpn on nodes that connect out. The major problem is how to connect rural folks.

@free_appalachia @fluke

i have been working towards this for a number of years as a personal project. mesh networking is Hard, and support is obviously welcome. however, i think its important to have the constraint of time and money to keep my designs honest and limited by money.

personally i find that gossip networks are the most resilient and performant way to do mesh networking.

@free_appalachia @fluke

right now i'm working on a portable network middleware based on inferno that can manage the highly dynamic networking needs of a mesh and present them is a logical way.

@free_appalachia @fluke

i'm aware of the need for something better (and soon), but mesh networking in general is not a solved problem.

@xj9 @free_appalachia @fluke mesh networking is quite a pipe dream to me if you want an alternative to the internet, it's a gigantic LAN at best and you need a lot of folks wanting it within wifi-reach of each other for it to exist.
@xj9 @fluke @free_appalachia I think an actual alternative is to start your own ISP ( for a mostly-french federation of such things ), use stuff like i2p/tor/yggdrasil/… and to start hosting stuff for yourself

With having a very low number of ISPs and hosters it becomes very easy to effectively shutdown large parts of the internet with just a normal court order btw (in EU censoring The Pirate Bay doesn't works that much because of that).

@lanodan @free_appalachia @fluke

the first problem in mesh networking is that you have to ditch IP to get anywhere with adhoc meshes. next the issue you mention here, which is typically solved with an internet overlay network bridge. this we know how to do (yggdrasil, cjdns, and so on). physical mesh is a mess. imo the best hope for a physical mesh is a derivative of NDN.

@lanodan @free_appalachia @fluke

there are trades to make too. gossip networking with the data/interest channels isn't going to be a low latency thing. it may be IP like on fixed infrastructure, NDN has certainly shown that you can do data/interest replication very quickly.

@xj9 @free_appalachia @fluke

I need to learn this kung fu. I have like 4 raspberry pi's just collecting dust at this point

@bamfic @fluke The Sudo mesh firmware looks pretty solid. It works really well in Oakland.

@free_appalachia @fluke rural needs hi gain parabolics, wisps do this all the time

but rural wont get shur down by usgov, its mostly right wing white people.

usgov will shut down cities with people of color and leftists

@bamfic @fluke true, I think ideally we find a way eventually to cover leftists that live in rural places as well, but I think at the moment the focus needs to be on cities and it’s definitely the easier problem to solve.

@fluke @free_appalachia Here's mesh network software I found earlier this year:

The site is down at the moment, so here is the latest version on the way back machine:

@fluke is becoming quite popular in Ham radio. The thing to note, which I seldom see part 15 meshes enable, is that hams are very good at making backbones for mesh across distance. Higher power, but also attention to radio physics.

Aredn is already up in many places and might do in a pinch. And as a model, natch, for alternative meshes.

@fluke It's a problem usually reserved for activists in "third world" nations under despotic rule. We're moving steadily toward that and the only way dissenting speech is going to survive is if we take our networks underground.

I've been trying to source 433mhz transceivers that are arduino-compatible, to build solar-powered, battery-backed mesh network cells that could be seeded anywhere all over the country. It's been slow going, since most 433mhz is focused on IoT and slow serial tx.

@fluke Speaking to all in this thread too, if a mesh network is unfeasible, wouldn't more conventional pirate radio still suffice?

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