emacs-racer is pretty neat to get completion and jump-to-definition for rust in emacs

I ordered the Magic Keyboard. Waiting This keyboard is gorgeous, weighty, backlit. It basically kind of projects the iPad screen up towards you, and it looks like it’s just floating there. There’s a fucking touchpad with OS integration (a cursor on iPadOS is *really weird*) and it has a passthrough USB-C port so I can still charge something while it’s charging.

And because Apple’s merged these UIs cross-platform all the macOS muscle memory works just fine.

Think I’mma like this

hey man i’m really glad you ran shellcheck on your POSIX-compliant shell script but you know grep isn’t the same everywhere?????????????????

anyone running pleroma on openbsd? is it a pain in the ass?

a city simulator where building and razing things takes place on a realistic time-scale, where you can’t just destroy houses without council votes, and you have to fight different political factions in the city and their vested interests

ngl if i had a little set-and-forget drone that lives in my house and can follow orders and maybe pick up small things i’d take that

Yo I wrote software for the first ten years of my career and made senior engineer at a fortune 50 company and now I don’t want to fucking do it anymore

Luh mao

Apple seems to think no one ever wants to actually look at their wallpaper

The default setting for do not disturb mode is to hide the wallpaper completely on the lock screen

man i really miss that two week window where i got gta5 working with a bunch of mods and then it broke in an update

is there a less boomer version of fetlife i should be aware of?

one of the enduring myths of american exceptionalism is that their system is the best, the most sophisticated, and so anything it can’t do must be beyond the realm of possibility

so much so that a person, an intelligent person even, when faced with evidence from an actual expat about how other governments act around the world, will immediately run to the instinctive defense, “you have a lot to learn about the real world”, EVEN IF YOU’VE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED MORE OF THE REAL WORLD

remember republicans are like the villains in the venture brothers, if we don’t present they’re a legitimate part of the establishment they’ll be even worse fuckups

we just have to smile and nod and pretend they’re actual practitioners of statecraft

the plot of every THPS story mode is a series of ever more famous skaters looking down at you and saying, “you don’t have what it takes, kid”, and then relenting when you do a manual for 4 seconds

i got rid of battery because the only reason i needed to care about it was before sleep, and my new sleep app (autosleep) will actually alert me to charge my watch at an appropriate time.

Top left: temperature, condition icon, low-high gauge. top right: sleep quality %, sleep duration gauge. bottom right: moose phase icon, moonset time and ETA. bottom left: next Omnifocus task. center top: Day/Date with calendar events showing up as text in the ring. center left: Fahrenheit temperature, windspeed and direction, precipitation chance gauge. center right: activity. center bottom: sunset.

get all that fukken data on there, man

relatedly, if you have an apple watch and are just like, watchOS 7, eh, dive into complications, including the ones provided by the apps watchsmith and carrot.

apple changed the whole system subtly so that apps can define as many complications as they want, and the same complications can be used for multiple infograph settings.

it fucking unlocks a whole world of potential for your watch face

this watch face would be perfectly fancy if the borders around the complications weren't necessary

i hope someone makes similar dials that actually look like they're physically obscuring the other values in the ring

hey chrome nerds, is there a good simple new tab extension that provides time, temperature/weather, and shows the contents of a bookmark folder?

that's seriously all I want on my new tab page and I can't find anything that fits the bill. 'Currently' is good but only shows time and weather, and 'Favorites' is really close but doesn't have temp/weather, and requires you to click once before you can see the bookmarks.

i suppose as one gets older one is supposed to see that there is a little bit of good and bad in everyone, but that’a bullshit b/c other people suck waaaaay worse than me

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