I be on that family size Chex mix shit

“Work hard, play hard”, i.e. burning the candle at both ends for no reason other than semiotics.

Oh, I guess just Tootdon doesn’t understand that. Ugh. I need a better iOS client!

So, I see a boost on my timeline that I don’t want to see. Muting and blocking the author of the original post doesn’t work. But I don’t want to mute/block the booster. What do

and yes i'm going to bitch about it and do absolutely nothing about it

my favorite part about ios mastodon clients is how none of them have been updated in 6 months and all of them are missing features

This is how you can tell your white noise generator is actually generating noise and not just playing an audio loop over and over again.

Fuck everything and everyone. I can’t believe I ever let my walls down. It’s such a stupid, self-destructive move.

Be vulnerable! Treat your coworkers well! Be patient and willing to do the grunge work!

And you’ll just get shit on. And treated like shit. It’s tactical career suicide.

Fuck everyone.

Okay well I was ready to pass out two hours ago and now I’m lying in bed and I can’t get to sleep at all.

So now I’m staring at bright screens exactly how I shouldn’t be.

I’ve made so much constructive, positive progress in my life. I wish I could save my game. Alas.

I love having AC. Blast me with that cold air. Freeze my whole body.

Phoenix, TypeScript, SCSS, React, and Webpack. I was not defeated.

Now to actually write some fucking code.

my favorite part about working with the Node ecosystem is how a few days can go by between development sessions and half my build pipeline has become obsolete

Holy shit I finally set up GNU stop to handle installing my dotfiles. That makes me feel so much better.

Okay I'm going to learn some fucking Elixir and Phoenix if it kills me.


I think I'd rather use rust→wasm or phoenix than try and bash my head against javascript frameworks again.

Apple is pleased to introduce our new design language: Stuff Everything In The Title Bar

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