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Game idea: dungeons and dragons. You can play either as a dungeon or a dragon. The dungeon's goal is to get a nice dragon to move in. The dragon's goal is to find a nice dungeon to live in. It's a dating sim.

“You see when you die unfairly, you travel to another world but also gain a magical power. I died unfairly in that world as well and thus, I am home. But now I have superpowers, along with an extreme fear of traffic accidents “

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Cursed filenames:


“We, the environmental protection agency, planted this chest of loot to assist in making the endangered mimic’s niche more lucrative for it. We would appreciate it if you could cover yourself in butter for flavor while adventuring”

it is interesting how “free-to-play” has basically completely edged out “shareware” as the standard term for referring to less than free games

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Grand unified theories are considered respectable in some pursuits like physics; yet in others, like medicine, they are considered the realm of quacks and suspicious folk.

sneak some unsolved math problems into your video games in hopes that someone solves them just to get that cool set of clothes.

reading old programming arguments can be comforting, because it helps me realize that what ever madness it seems like the modern web is in, it seems likely that it too shall pass.(for example, almost no one cares about strictly to the spec XHTML anymore and instead actually cares if it works. HTML5 coming out and abandoning XHML helped significantly too. So perhaps someday, the browser based debug tools will win the war against the javascript frameworks as well)

While C-style preprocessor macros are full of traps and surprises, they do offer a significant advantage over ast-based macros. As far as I know, there is never a case where “copy and paste” can do something that a c macro can’t. Thus, c macros are useful as an abstraction of last resort to prevent repeating yourself.

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"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

why isn’t there more edutainment targetted for adults? I mean like proper edutainment when there is heaps of fiction interspersed with lessons about various interesting things.

(I mean I learn interesting facts about English grammar sometimes from English class scenes in Anime, but I don’t think that quite counts)

perhaps, politicians are ablative armour for the bureaucracy which does the real governing of the country.

With scissors, glue, and a tapedrive, you can insert into an array in near constant time. Sadly, this constant is too high to be practical

Fashion is the art that everyone must practice; thus, it seems like it should be taught in mandatory art classes instead of the more optional arts like drawing or music.

“my plan is to pass so many laws that we trigger a buffer overflow and we then can overwrite the constitution with a new law. This way we can finally get rid of the electoral college“

Considering that ants have problems with “criminals” (i.e worker ants that reproduce and don’t work enough), sci-fi hive-minds are lacking in criminal or rebel elements. (”Gooey” of the kirby series is an sorta example though. Namely he left the hivemind* Dark Matter to be a friend of kirby)

*the actual hivemindness may not be canon; but seems to a common take among kirby lore enthusiasts.

a perhaps fun gimmick: A 3D movie where ghosts are represented as images that can only be seen with one eye, thus giving the ghosts a semitransparent strangeness unseen in 2D films

(though for audience members with a strong dominate eye, the effect would likely be less interesting)

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