He’s so upset that some mean ghost stole food on his watch.

when you assume the position you make an ass out of u and the position

I am hearing Alice’s Restaurant for the first time in full. Folks, this sucks what the hell

hey gang what's your gender fluid, mine is dr. pepper

what abstract concept/image/moment are you rn

I'm the little laugh Bob Dylan does while singing the line "you try so hard" in Ballad of a Thin Man

us football, racism 

whose idea was it to have a washington racial slurs game on fucking thanksgiving

moving progress 

everyone likes these chairs but it takes me an hour per month to clean the tarnish off them lmao πŸ˜“ suffer for beauty the.giant.horse/media/yLgjm6yA

I don't know what any of you are talking about half the time but I like it anyway

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