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hi, i'm j, a 24 year old enby from philadelphia, pa.

i'm into video games, music, anime, food, technology, and sleeping, with the occasional bouts of writing on the side.

i'm on a couple other sites with this username (youtube, tumblr, birdsite being the big ones i can think of), so feel free to follow me there if you'd like!!

i don't really know what else to write here so hey! if you're a nazi and you're reading this, fuck right off!!

on my next day off I might give manjaro linux a try... been feeling the itch to fuck around with something completely new to me and also see what life is like outside of Windows

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bro I can't believe they put ads on solitaire

fucking solitaire

the game that I've been able to play for free on my Windows PC since literally Windows 95

does that extra $0.05 of ad revenue really help you out, Microsoft

does it

at least I was slightly productive with the time that I spent awake today

I did some laundry and cleaned some shit out of my room

plus I still have a decent amount of time to sleep before I go into work tonight so I don't think it'll be that bad

also hate that I decided to stay up super late despite resolving to fix my sleep patterns but God Damnit it's Springtime, Baby

UHHHHH I HATE it when I accidentally clicked something that I did not mean to, thanks thumbs

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time to plan some cities once I figure out how the fuck cities skylines works

I've got most of it down it's just

I forgot roads only go one way by default and was wondering why I only had traffic in one direction >_>

my general manager is the most incompetent piece of garbage I've ever had the displeasure of working for and I cannot wait until she's gone in less than two weeks because she will not be missed

I swear to God I'm so happy our GM is leaving but if her replacement still gives us four people on bar nights I'm gonna dismantle the entire store board by board

love when you're trying to nap and someone's homophobic car alarm is going off OH GOD ITS BEEN SILENCED HOMOPHOBIA IS SOLVED

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Jesus fucking Christ tonight was absolutely mobbed at work

it's an actual miracle that we got anything done outside of making sandwiches it was that bad

really don't wanna go to work an hour late on the absolute busiest night of the week but it's what I must do

time to nap in the interim

hi mastodon how y'all doing

I really gotta start interacting here more but I'm always either working or tired

at least I know I won't get misgendered here tho lol

"people who aren't mad about emiya alter are just a vocal minority!!!1!!11!! !!!1!1!1!1"

you sure about that bud

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