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some of them want to J'accuse you
some of them want to be J'accused


Someone I know just said, in apparent seriousness, that the Republican party wasn't anti-LGBTQ.

The mind boggles

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Just been shown the bit of the Internet Archive that has nearly 11,000 old books about cooking and home economics. You can search by text content too. I'm gonna be looking at this for some time.
If you want to look at it, it is here:

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uspol humor 

@CobaltVelvet no, children should NOT have nukes. This is why we're trying to vote our current President out.

Winter is coming and I cannot effing wait to get my snowboard out.

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I lost my job this morning.

If anyone happens to know of freelance or remote work opportunities, please let me know.

Thank you.

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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something comforting ✨

There are days that I really wish that I hadn't given up caffeine. Normally, I'm OK with having my decaf jasmine green tea in the morning, but gray October days like today cry out for lapsang souchong and there's simply no such thing as decaf lapsang souchong.

Grey lay the land, oh. Grey grass from sky to sky. Not near the weir, dear. Not a mountain, low or high — only hills and grey grey. Watch the dappled dimpled twinkles blooming on the star bar.

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listen i know it's awful and dehumanizing to pretend that everyone of any ethnic group all think the same thing, but it's ESPECIALLY funny when people try to say this about us Jews, a people so legendarily argumentative that we 1. have a holy book that is literally a collection of arguments 2. at several points in said book people successfully argue God Himself into a corner


Not original to me. Stolen from FB. If anyone knows the original I'll add credit.

Currently 59F/15C here in Charlotte. Today's high will be 83F/23C

I guess I'll be on my laptop in the garden all day today.

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tu veux un chaton ? 

Notre voisin a abandonné un chaton dans notre cour.

Nous avons deja adopté ses deux soeurs et nous n'avons pas l'espace pour un troisième.

Il est né le 4 mai, il est noir et blanc comme il porte un tuxedo. Il est très minion.

Si tu est dans l'Aisne ou Ile-de-France nous somme près de Chateau-Thierry et nous pourrions l'emmener à Paris ou des endroits en Ile-de-France près des gares.

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People not taking care of pets 

Damn it, the same people who gave us Carrie and Fischer just left the list kitten in the courtyard when they left.

And it is chilly and wet outside.
And the kitten started following me around in the courtyard when I was outside just now.

We are barely prepared for two kittens and Javert, I don't think we can do a third one.

Fuck. Anyone in Ile-de-france or Asine who wants a cute kitten?

how the fuck do you just abandon a pet like that?

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You know what to do.
Boosts are appreciated ✅

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Calling all #AmateurRadio #HamRadio and Social Science people, and people in general!

If you are a ham radio person, do you have CW conversations from your QSOs you'd be willing to share with me for a research article? All conversations will be kept anonymous; I want to do statistical analysis on letter frequency.

If you're any person, you can get a sneak peak at my new research article here:

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