Connecting to VPN is so much easier when you're awake enough to use the correct token

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@pzmyers I'm neither a biologist nor a statistician (my degree is in physics but I've never really worked in it and it was so long ago that I've forgotten most of it) but I was shaking my head at just how bad a study that is.

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@Helen Have you had COVID? That sometimes makes it worse.

(I slept 15 hours after my second shot but was mostly OK, but my partner got knocked on her ass)

Reading a thread on Reddit where a NB person is *deliberately* misgendering their F partner. It's infuriating.

If an old cis dude like me who grew up in a world where there were only M and F pronouns can avoid misgendering people, so can they.

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@TQ Sending strength

Yesterday: work, a 10 mile (16K) bike ride, and a hike up the butte.

Today, convert an old desk into a functional jewelry bench for my partner. And maybe another hike up the butte.

Anytime someone says Deep State I immediately stop taking them seriously. If they combine it with the word socialist in anything related to the United States I immediately put them in the same category as young-earth creationists, flat-earthers, and people who think the COVID-19 vaccine actually contains 5G microchips that enable Bill Gates to control them.

@M0YNG @nivex I refuse to check my email when I'm OoO. When I'm on vacation I tell my team, "If it's urgent, send me a text, but I won't have a laptop with me so there's fuck all I can do about it."

The night before a property closing is a terrible time to have nightmares about the zombie apocalypse

Reading the comments in WSJ article about how one city is the hottest real estate market in the US and the commenters are openly saying that the reason it's desirable is because it's 94% white.

I hate my fellow Americans sometimes

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@Virelai I miss my LJ interactions. I still occasionally post to Dreamwidth (which gets crossposted to LJ) but it's not the same.

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