My name is David and I use he/him pronouns. If you tell me your pronouns then I will use them. If your pronouns change then I'll do my best to get them right; please correct me if I use the wrong ones so that I can correct my usage.

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@filkerdave While everything you said in this toot is best practice to my knowledge (thanks, David!), please maybe consider dropping "cis" from your bio.

While pronouns are publicly used, the knowledge whether a person is trans or cis is very intimate to some people and very irrelevant on how I should deal with a person. Therefore we should not normalize outing oneself publicly in this regard.

@1183519e I haven't done a formal poll but my trans and enby friends and acquaintances are happy that I use cis precisely because it DOES normalize being out if someone is comfortable is doing so. Obviously, as with all things involving humans, YMMV and I'm aware that identifying oneself in this manner may be uncomfortable for some. I don't see a good one-size-fits-all-situations answer.

I'm sorry if the usage makes you uncomfortable but I'm going to keep it as is for now.

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