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because it's been a while.

Ham radio. Science fiction. Life. Politics. Un peu le français. Auch ein bisschen Deutsch. Boston & Jackson Hole. Not particularly religious but unapologetically Jewish. I randomly interact with interesting toots.

I'm probably not flirting with you, unless I am.


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My name is David and I use he/him pronouns. If you tell me your pronouns then I will use them. If your pronouns change then I'll do my best to get them right; please correct me if I use the wrong ones so that I can correct my usage.

I'm no longer a developer but I'm going for AWS architecture certification. Do I learn Python?

Oh, look, another middle-aged white guy saying "I watched $RACISTTHING as an kid and I didn't think it was racist so it can't possibly be racist!"

I'm a middle-aged white guy who didn't think $RACISTTHING was racist as a kid either. Except as I got older I actually learned better.

Currently in Charlotte it's 86F, feels like 95F (for those of you in the civilized world, that's 30C, feels like 35C).

So now's a great time to take a sawzall to the big wooden playset that needs to come out of the ground.

Blessed Lughnasadh to all of my friends who are celebrating today!

Today is . A big "thank you" to all the rangers out there (and especially at GTNP) keeping the parks safe, teaching people, and helping out. Your service and knowledge are very much appreciated.

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The actual.


The US held elections on time during WWI. The US held elections on time during WWII. The US held elections on time during the fucking US Civil War.

(This is real. I screencapped it myself a few minutes ago.)

Every time I get annoyed at my current job I remember that I once got paid to work on OS/2

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I was made redundant this week, so I'm looking for a new job.

I have a Masters degree in International Marketing and 6 years experience in marketing, social media & customer service.

Would prefer remote working, but will consider Manchester area.


I thought it amusingly appropriate that one of my devs was looking through the code to see where we return 404 and couldn't find it.

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🎹 Free piano (you move) Greater Boston, boosts+ 

Anyone in greater Boston looking for a free piano? Friend of a friend has a Baldwin upright that has been well cared for, but is looking to get rid of it ASAP. Probably going to be junked if they can't find a taker. 🎹

If you're interested let me know and I'll see if I can make the appropriate connections

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I kind of want a denim shirt with the logo of
the Cousteau Society's "Calypso" on it.

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