Is there anything that isn't made worse by adding libertarians?

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The Realm of Sauron is ended! The Ring-bearer has fulfilled his Quest.

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I'm trying to be supportive of my girlfriend and her beliefs because I love her but if I have to listen to another pagany drumbeat chant that is Oh So Fraught With Meaning for her celebration of Ostara I'm going to throw the speakers out the window.

Why oh why can the offshore team not learn to debug code?

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New Horizons team made a movie of the MU69 encounter by processing the images from the probe

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I'll be doing a Google Hangout this Friday, as part of the Pixel Project! Come for the reading, the Q&A, or to hear more about the Pixel Project's campaign to end violence against women (or, yanno, all three things!)

And there might even be a cover reveal!

6.00pm PST, 22 March 2019

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Not a bad way to end out what’s been a pretty good snowboarding season.

So she scooted down a little further and told her son to just go on down. I made sure she understood where the trail flattened out and that it was really very easy. I gave her one more bit of advice that someone gave me and that I’ve always appreciated. “If you go down on your butt, you’ve still gone down it.” And then I was up and finished my run.

It was about this point that her son, with who she was theoretically skiing, came up and started telling his mother “Just put your skis on and get down!” Now this is something you should NEVER do. If someone is already stressed and tense, they’re going to have a tougher time getting down the slope as it is. (Also, if you’re supposedly skiing with someone, you don’t abandon them!) And in this case, I don’t see how she really could have gotten down a blue without risking serious injury.

I happen to know that particular slope fairly well and I said, “if you can get down to that part there, maybe 20 yards down, it gets MUCH flatter and you can easily snowplow down. And then, when you get there, take a lesson.” Lessons are almost always worth it, no matter how good you are at skiing or boarding.

It turns out that what she was doing was really just scooting down the slope on her butt because she realized that it was too difficult for her. This was her second time on skis and she’d last taken a lesson at Taos last year on the bunny slope. I actually approve of her decision to not try and ski down from there; even with great weather and good snow it’s not worth hurting yourself!

Down near the bottom there was a woman on the left side of the trail. Her skis were off and she was sitting on her butt and it looked like she was holding her leg. So I pulled up next to her and asked if she was OK and did I need to call the ski patrol?

So here’s a thing that happened when I was out snowboarding Snow King on Saturday afternoon. It was really nice weather. The temperature was warm (34F/1C) and the snow was decent (no pow, but that’s OK). I was on one of my last few runs of the day because I was too beat up to keep going (I spent the day trying to go more aggressive with my speed and my turns. I did OK but catching an edge hurts a lot more when you’re moving faster!), going down Kelley’s Alley, a blue slope.

The news out of New Zealand is horrible and heartbreaking

I can't believe I'm spending my day on the phone with India again.

And I can't believe I'm doing it because neither a supposedly-experienced developer nor a supposedly-experienced QA person have the faintest how to debug code or examine data.

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