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Oh, are we redoing now?

Hi there, Fediverse! Name (as you might have guessed) is Dave (or David; I use both equally). 55 cishet male from Long Island, NY. Into (hence the handle), , , , and . I work out regularly at , which kicks my ass but I need to do it. I also like but I don't get to nearly enough, and my favorite place is the .

I speak enough and to be dangerous.

Good morning Fediverse. Today starts with an annoyance. I can't get into the VPN at $CLIENT. It's just not recognizing anything.

This makes it tough to attack my backlog.

Good morning Fediverse! Travel Thursday -- I get to go home!

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The real reason conservatives hate socialism and communism is that they strip the rich of their unearned power. They're fine with central planning and command economies as long as the rich are the ones doing the central planning and commanding the economy.

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#mastodonmemory my first "buzz" evar was about a panties dispenser (and someone broken their tissue box because of me :3)

Good morning Fediverse.

Finally Friday.

A beer and a bourbon in the hotel bar are surprisingly reasonably priced

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@Tom77584 Do you mean radical ideas such as social justice for people with brown skin? Clean drinking water for Flint, Michigan? Universal health care, first proposed here in the United States 60 years ago, and implemented in dozens of other countries, but of course, not here?

Or do you mean radical ideas such as white supremacy and winner-take-all economies?

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The thing about human rights is you don't need an opinion about the campaign to know that police shouldn't beat unarmed civilians #Catalonia

Guten Tag, Fediverse. Ein weiterer warmer und sonniger Tag hier. Leider muss ich drinnen bleiben. Zu viel Arbeit :(

Also, I found my little leather journal as I was packing to come down here on Sunday. The last entry I made in it was in 2014 just about when I moved back to the USA from London. I think it's time to start writing in it again.

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>when your libertarian friend argues that burqa bans are necessary for the safety of the public.

i dont have the appropriate smiley on hand but you can imagine what it would look like
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The bright spot this morning was someone making a Lord of the Rings reference in our regular morning stand-up meeting.

The bright spot last night was the taco place I ate dinner at having 2-for-1 margaritas on Mondays.

In other news, good morning Fediverse!

I'm not going to say "Good morning" because I woke up to the news out of .

There's nothing good about that.

Of interest to any operators out there in the Fediverse. It's a story from my local NPR affiliate about amateur radio operators being deployed to by the in coordinaction with the

Tonight at sundown is the start of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. May all of you who are fasting have an easy fast, and may all of you reading this be sealed in the Book of Life for a happy, healthy, and prosperous year ahead.