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Guten Tag Fediverse! Wie geht's?

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tomorrow I'll have to read it over and then send it to a few people for them to tell me what I fucked up but for now THE FUCKING END and it's not even due for three weeks TAKE THAT, DEADLINE!

Bonjour Fediverse! Il fait très froid ici aujourd'hui. -5C! Brrr !

Question for the Fediverse: I don't really have time to do (already going to the 4 days a week) but I'm so NOT flexible. Any for some good I can do at home?

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My grandparents decided to learn Welsh when they were 65. After two years of lessons in it (and talking Welsh with me at home, I was going to a Welsh school and was already fluent), they were fluent. My grandmother, around the same time, decided to overcome her phobia of water and had me teach her how to swim. She'd swim laps with me in the pool up into her 80s.

You're not too old and it's not too late to try something new.

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Seeing girls happily and healthily in love is so good. More of that, please, universe.

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Hackers: Knock Knock
IoT: Who's there?
Hackers: admin admin

Another day, another flight to Baltimore

Good morning Fediverse! I'm sitting at my own desk for the first time in several weeks!

I have no voice and I must speak.

Repose en paix Johnny Hallyday.

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(if your art is to pretend to be an asshole, then you are an asshole. the end)

I really hate doing expense reports. But I really love getting my money back.

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It's okay if you failed today. You can try again tomorrow.

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Hey friends, I lost the job that pays my rent and bills on Friday. I have no safety net and I am looking for something new asap!

Things I am good at include social media management and marketing, writing copy, event production, data management, and junior project management. Let me know if you're aware of anything I'd be a good fit for 💕

If you're able to help me with money stuff:

I'm writing with a new fountain pen and the sky outside is all kinds of gorgeous.

It's a good day.

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organize your workplace. organize your neighborhood. organize your church. organize your apartment. organize your classmates. organize your brunch club. there's not a landlord, banker, or boss in the world who can stand up to the collective power of the people. communism will win

It's not my goddamn planet. Understand, monkeyboy?