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I love how Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is about retrieving magic lingams associated with Adi Shankara, which is sorta like having Indy retrieve a fictionalized 95 Theses which for some reason zap people.

“You must go to Wurrtemburg. There you will retrieve das Luthers-buch for us, and bring life back to the land.”

* massive very catchy John Williams*

On the other cheerful side today, I had a contact (2.5 watts) via with another station 2460 km away. Considering I'm in a valley and the antenna runs down the hallway and wraps around the living room, I'm pretty happy.

Watching a SpaceX launch is really a great way to start the morning. It would have been great to see it in person, but I'm grateful for the stream.

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it's pretty amazing that Star Trek:TNG considers the ship's counselor the third-most important position on the ship. It's too bad future Treks totally dropped this ball.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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Someone on Metafilter asked how they could "embrace being bad at hobbies (without judging myself)" and I suspect a lot of us could use this advice.

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Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood debuted 50 years ago today.

Be a helper.

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Mrf. My girlfriend is pissed off at me because I said that given a chance I'd go to the ISS for a year. (Noting that at just about age 56 with no qualifications or training, this isn't something that's actually going to ever happen)

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I'm glad to see that James Dickhead lost his lawsuit against Google. Now every time some dude claims "the media was taking him out of context!" I can point out that even a court didn't believe that shit. Can't wait for the channers in class to bring it up again.

OK, code all checked in. The pull request can wait until Monday

So I'm watching "Thor: Ragnarok" on the plane and I see this scene with Heimdall opening a door and I think "Speak friend and enter."

Between him and Chloe Kim's amazing run yesterday I can't wait to get back on my .

Wow, Shaun White had a *monster* third run to take home the in the . That was amazing.

On the bright side, I can sit and drink a bloody mary while I work, which I for sure *can't* do at the office.

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everyone being delusional is tiring

I'm sitting on an airplane using wifi to work and I'm complaining because it's too slow and creaky to Skype into my 10AM scrum.

I think I need to get a grip.