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just read "Innovative building materials, such as timber" in an article about "smart cities'" and fuck dude i cant believe we never thought to use wood to build house before

when the ouya was still relevant and your french friend was cheering for it, did they say « allez l'ouya! »

I am grateful that I live in a timeline that has a slug-themed death metal band and an ocean-themed death metal band.

(Slugdge and Vampire Squid if you're curious)

What if we put Pikachu's head on top of Duke Nukem's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

You can blow their minds with your Futuristic Bird costume for Halloween

8 years ago, somebody who had my current IP address edited the Shadow the Hedgehog Wikipedia page to add "Shadow the Hedgehog is hot". IPv4 exhaustion is real and it's terrifying.


just had "the talk" with my eleven year old. it was awkward but now she knows that the fbi killed martin luther king jr


How about this idea: a Spooky Chief Executive Officer?

Need a clever costume idea? You should be a "futuristic hippopotamus" for Halloween

Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Try this one, a "Steampunk Dump Truck"!!!

"Hey human friend, let's go on an adventure"

🔲 yes;
🔲 yes, trust the bunny, always trust the bunny;
🔲 I can't make polls with attachments just write whatever you want;
🔲 yes.

Need a clever costume idea? You should be a "Sexy Omelet"!

You can blow their minds with your "Steampunk Pinecone" costume for Halloween

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

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