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"Hey human friend, let's go on an adventure"

🔲 yes;
🔲 yes, trust the bunny, always trust the bunny;
🔲 I can't make polls with attachments just write whatever you want;
🔲 yes.

Need a clever costume idea? You should be a "Sexy Omelet"!

You can blow their minds with your "Steampunk Pinecone" costume for Halloween

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

Spooky HTTP horror story 

This is so ridiculous it's like a child designed my garden

A kid has already come up and met them and I have never seen something so happy

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Can anyone recommend a USB bluetooth adapter, preferably one that doesn't need require extra drivers?

Side-by-sides are just crappier Geo Trackers

It's time for the SDF Amateur Radio Club's weekly Techlink Node 9229 on Echolink!

Check in or tune in! ✌️

SDF member jwh a.k.a. AB9FJ is your Net Control Operator tonite

more info about the SDFARC 👉

to tune in:


Wish schools didn't waste their time teaching useless things like "how to read" instead of actually useful things, like "how to plug in a TV" or "how to microwave Hot Pockets"

Another day gone by where I didn't have to recite the alphabet out loud, checkmate public schools

Spent like 4hrs replacing a headlight but I did it

I wish Duolingo would stop making me translate this sentence

*Coheed and Cambria's "Welcome Home" starts playing as I pick up the flyswatter*

From an FB group post:

"I made the mistake of showing my kids gameplay of Untitled Goose Game. They've been spending the last 45 minutes alternating pretending to take things away from one another with their mouths and honking with wild abandon..."

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