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Okay, is working again with mainline Mastodon. If you encounter any errors let me know. It may be a bit slower now, especially if you have it set to show boosts (each boost requires two more HTTP requests to generate each entry, one for the content and one for the user profile).

Hey FYI the latest changes to the Mastodon codebase make it so doesn't work. Gargamel removed OStatus support, which was what I was using for this. I'll be working on a fix over the next few days.

Dude. If you're going to kick your feet up on the table at the coffee shop, at least leave your shoes on.

Also @OwlStatue varies the items and tunic each time as well.

Can we talk about how good a bot @OwlStatue is? It CWs things, the text reflows in the animation correctly, and the music starts at a different point each time.

GNU's Not Uniplexed Information and Computing System Image Manipulation Program Tool Kit (also known as GTK)

"five things all programmers should know about British cheeses"

You ever play a game that's just so close to being perfect, but not quite there? Heart and Slash is like that. Super fun core gameplay loop and great art, but needs a little more polish on the boss fights, the camera, physics glitches, etc.

mom can I have [100% browser market share]
so you can [give everyone a fast and modern browser]?
*actually forces all users to disable adblocking like a boss*
g o o g l e time

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