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i have been sitting here laughing at this shirt that twitter user @zenthetiger got custom printed for like five minutes

here's me covering eugene by sufjan stevens, from "carrie & lowell"

i have been practicing this song for four years and it feels amazing to finally record a version i like 💜

Got a robocall today, their number showed as literally the number of my own phone. And phone providers say they can't do anything about robocalls...


What a coincidence that this popped up in my FB feed yesterday.

I've been calling out "Mann Coulter" shit and similar stuff for years, so this one really spoke to me.

I'm gonna release them with a cc by-sa 4.0 license after some corrections. Target is 64~ pictures.

On patreon a preview of them:

Feel free to make suggestions for other ones in this set (but I'm gonna consider the ones from people that pay me first, since I'm a venal monster).

#commission open btw.
#art #chick

Just showing up at a destination and figuring out which hotel to stay at by just walking in feels so liberating compared to booking online

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