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Just showing up at a destination and figuring out which hotel to stay at by just walking in feels so liberating compared to booking online

Please don't use "foo bar baz" as the names of variables and functions in example code. Take the time to make sensible examples. For instance, a method called say_hello (which prints "hello") makes infinitely more sense than a method called foo which prints "bar".

What's the name of the red/green/blue coordinate system marker in modelling applications?

Video completely buffered, still won't play. It's almost like it might be a good idea to use just the html video element and not a massive turd of javascript?

If you're excited about Sonic the Hedgehog, you're gonna LOVE the next movie in the Sega Cinematic Universe!


Thank you for tuning in and for chatting with us on SDF COMMODE chat and IRC! 🌈❤️✨

Special thanks to power duo @powderpaint for letting me share their beautiful new release! 🏆✨ Please check out Powderpaint on Bandcamp! 👉

Powderpaint is no other than @envgen and @Shonalika ! 👏👏

If you missed the live show pls listen to the audio recording from the archives:

It's now OpenVoIP and we have SDF members jasmaz and @alrs on the conference bridge! 📞

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