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This is a fantastic video about tech elites and how business-friendly, "win-win" changes are often a poor substitute for real, effective change. I've watched this like 3 times and it's so good:

Dig Dug is a screwed-up game.

Look at other games from the same general era, and you'll see the difference:

Aliens have arrived from outer space and they're REALLY UNFRIENDLY. Fortunately they're also REALLY DUMB. Defend the Earth!

You play a guy making burgers by walking all over them. You're just trying to do your job but the food keeps hassling you, man!

online argument power-moves: call any opposing position "political" and instantly dismiss it

the "send your above-the-fold CSS seperately" schtick is useless and gives results like these

what's that thing called in media players where you drag it around to change the playback time?

The idea that "killing an animal with your own hands makes you respect it more" is like saying "running someone over with your car makes you appreciate life more". Like, I guess? But couldn't you have just stopped and thought about it a bit instead?

Using C is refreshing because of static typing, I know exactly what parameters a method takes... wait what's this? this method takes a void pointer?

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