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it's day 18 of Daily Duck December which means it's a WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS

4yo caught me napping this morning and made it look Artistic as hell???

I just found out today that I got my first patent granted 🎉 and I'm literally the sole inventor on it

It's a software patent, and I don't like software patents... and think the patent system and IP law need major changes... but it's still really validating? Very emotionally confusing but overall I'm feeling positive

Rejected Donkey Kong characters:

Flunky Kong

Slinky Kong


Boo hoo poor people are allowed to vote, it's so unfair!

I will never have any sympathy for a rich person who says their taxes are too high because of their tax bracket.

If wealth is such a burden to you, give your fucking money away.

My dream is an application framework that is just node.js and a webgl context. No layout engine, no cookies, no DOM.

Google is shutting down Allo.


More like oodbye, amirite?

the classic Vengaboys dance track We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) has the line "so if you like to party, get on and move your body". since i was young, i thought "get on" was meant as in "get on with it", like "what are you waiting for? dance!"

i only just realized that they're actually telling you to physically get on the Vengabus. needless to say this was a shocking epiphany

Illustration of Mario in his Satellaview space suit (most recently seen in Super Mario Odyssey) from the British SuperPlay magazine. Why it was chosen to promote the Nintendo 64, which did not support Satellaview, in a country where Satellaview was never available, is unknown.

I have an electrical engineering degree and today at work I couldn't remember how to make a circuit with a transistor

Voice assistant UX is so bad, try ordering a pizza from Domino's via Alexa, without looking up instructions, and see how disastrous it is

There used to be a free SMS service called ChaCha that you could send a simple question to via SMS, like "what is the capital of Utah", and they would send you a text advertisement and then the answer. This was before internet capable phones were commonplace.

@itsnero if this is live action then advent children also counts as live action

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