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complain all you want about iOS dev but at least you don't have to manage Gradle and JDK version hell

If you have a website and would like to showcase your Mastodon timeline on it you should check out @fenwick67 's '#Mastofeed'

on GitHub:

Thank you @fenwick67 for this awesome project! 👏👏👏👏


I had to pull a nose-hair today for the first time. Does this mean I'm old?

Happy seasonal depression night to all my fellow US tooters

Imagine a 2003 ThinkPad but with like eight belts on it, Final Fantasy style. That's my aesthetic.

Why aren't there any Scrum Planning Poker cards in the style of a Tarot deck?

"We use Python for machine learning because it's easy to use"


"To get started, first install these 12 distinct program dependencies in the following order"

Petition to name the generation after Z "the last generation"

please please for the sake of clarity avoid abbreviations in your CWs

Pieces!!! Took me forever to figure out what was wrong with the head. Printer itself is having issues. I switched sides and it came out like it was supposed to.

But now, the sanding and glueing begins.

I'm such a nerd that the one time I did any vandalism I spraypainted emoticon faces on big concrete pipes that were going in the ground

Maybe "stop using LinkedIn for your blog posts" is one way

I put in my name, email address, and employer into LinkedIn and suddenly it starts suggesting all these people from my highschool, which is pretty far away from where I work and live. It's pretty creepy.

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