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me: wow! that thing is, pretty cool, how did you do it

you: oh, did it on my computer. just normal computer, thats how i did it

me: how on computer??? how did you do that??

you: there's an app specifically, a application for specifically doing that thing, on computer, i got the app and then i did it because thats what it does

me: oh okay, ummm, can i uhh, can--

you: yes anyone can do it. you just have to get computer. then you can do it too. and also the app. app and computer

Where's the Tolkien fans at?

Noticed my 1973 copy of The Hobbit has a message on the inside cover.

Can anyone translate?

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The non-discoverability plague isn't unique to Minecraft, but to me it seemed like it started the trend of "you can't play our game without looking it up on the internet".

My most recent game purchase, PUBG, has the same problem if you pick it up cold, even if you are a seasoned FPS player. "what are these blue and white and red circles on my map? Who is this running man on my HUD and what is the bar underneath him? What's that bar above my health?"

Minecraft's lack of discoverability is a problem in general, like how would you figure out how to make a portal to the nether without looking it up online?

The Minecraft crafting system is cute but annoying. I just want an axe I don't want to have to remember exactly how to arrange rocks and sticks in a grid to make one. Also how does it take 3 cubic meters of rocks to make an axe?

Remember in Bojack Horseman where they make a joke that Vincent Adultman bought the movie rights to the game Tag from some kindergartners? I guess movie execs thought that was actually a good idea when they greenlit the Tag movie.

The cringiest part of Deadpool 2 might be when he's like "dubstep is cool XD" and they play That Skrillex Song that normies will recognize, and treat it like this setup is some kind of joke somehow?

how do i acquire the movie rights to habbo hotel

I'm kinda skeptical that Jurassic World 2 will be good, but it looks like they finally made a Jurassic Park movie without any damn children in it so that's promising.

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It's also the site of a good Google Maps glitch: it mapped mid-demolition photographs onto a pre-demolition building shape and labeled it with post-demolition business names

Just misread "copyleft terms" as "copyleft teens" ...

I might need to start this as a fake masto brand #GNUTeens

the year is 3064

a tired ubisoft developer sighs before powering up the last remaining wii development kit.

it's time to port the latest release of just dance to the undying console.

Today somebody wrote me a really nice email about how they saw some open source software I published, how they were building upon it, and thanked me for it. It made feel really great. More people should send these kind of emails (myself included), it's really validating and made my week.

When future historians look at our software, they'll think the unix epoch was some religious date or when we thought the world began or something