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I'm not a UX expert but I could write a book on how bad the new Gmail UI is

We have @leolaporte and @mcmansionhell now, there's no other platform I need to be on tbh

*Ralph Wiggum voice*

"I'm an influencer!"

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boost this goat at a punk show to bless a timeline

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The original source code for the Furby:

seanriddle.com/furbysource.pdf (PDF)

Some of the opcodes may be MOS 6502. Which makes sense since the toy used a variant according to this teardown:


I would either be a really good club DJ or a really bad one

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Ok, so, can we shout on browsers to bring back the "Subscribe to RSS/Atom feed" button in/near the URL bar?

I mean, clearly people are still using RSS/Atom. And they get annoyed they cannot find an easy way to subscribe.

Made a local wifi chat thing with the ESP32. It creates an access point, lets you connect your phone over wifi and leave messages for others, or chat live, even in the middle of nowhere, without installing anything:


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@noelle all computer networks are secure against people who do not have computers

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