@Jaddy I think you're right. Behold, the Airport Security Seal.

Ten reasons why MASTODON is stuck in the PAST-ODON (number 8 will shock and arouse you)

Watched this on the flight(Happiness Road). Pretty relatable and also interesting! It was being voiced in both Taiwanese(hokkien) and mandarin. Also grandmas on flying chickens is a thing I didn't know I needed. For the dream sequences they switched atyles of animation!

sriracha?? whats that..?

oh you mean gamer ketchup????

@envgen @Shonalika they can always play violin. nobody can play violin. its impossible to play one. thats the main proof that the whole thing is fake

Margaret: i have this dog, who is both long and good, and it needs a name

The Scooby Doo episode of Supernatural is peak TV

I ranted for a solid 20 minutes at work on how IBM's "food trust" has nothing to do with a blockchain but they use the word "blockchain" an unbelievable number of times in their marketing material

You'd think in 2019 there would be some understandable symbol or diagram phones would show that indicates "battery low, charging" vs "battery low, not charging"

I want to do a podcast like This American Life but only interview fringe people from the internet

If you ask me to rate your app I will 100% give it a 1 star review

Is the Bird Box movie any good? I read the book last week (and liked it) but the trailer makes the movie look very bad.

Only 90s kids remember optimism for the future of earth

Fenwick's Law: The bosses in every industry will always say that there's not enough people capable or willing to work.

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