Hey kids let's do the "leave me alone challenge"!

Good night, I drawn the most dreamy boy that I could imagine. He protects the slumber.


Most of the Love Death and Robots short films would have been better if they didn't say "fuck" randomly or make lame jokes about penises

Sure my microwave shows me 30 second ads every time I go to use it, but I can tune it out. What do you expect, that we can use microwave radiation for free and not have to pay for it? That's very entitled of you. The microwave only has the features it does because of the money they make off of that advertising.

I can't wait for Google Stevia and its likely successor, Google Splenda

The lack of women in tech is not just a pipeline/supply problem, please do not make the claim that discrimination does not exist, thank you

The existence of Ryan Gosling implies the existence of a much larger and older Ryan Goose

I like it in trailers when they stop the music because then I know it's a HILARIOUS joke and I'm supposed to laugh

i hate this trend towards bigger smartphones. i need a tiny phone for my tiny hands

I think I accidentally found a cult or something when I mistyped an IP address???

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