"winter is coming" makes me think of this Peep Show clip, not Game of Thrones.


Firefox is removing RSS features, but defaults to allowing third-party cookies.

Firefox, your priorities are wrong.

Remove the old RSS code, make it new. Block third-party cookies.

Or drop RSS like it was gopher+, and block third-party cookies.

Or ignore everything I've said and block third-party cookies.

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The Aerosmith cover of Helter Skelter was a mistake

I'm pretty sure Google is mad at me for adblocking, because I am watching a video on mobile and they put 4 video ads in one 12 minute video.

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To be fair though, stuff like HTTP and "the web" are complicated, but the knowledge is reusable so it doesn't seem as bad

Almost every decentralized project I've looked at has so many moving parts to make it work that I feel like I can't understand it.

Secure Scuttlebutt is super neat, but it's hard to recurse through all the custom libraries for pull streams, dependency injection, database, and replication protocol to actually understand it all.

Her is the most emotionally exhausting movie I've ever enjoyed

Thanks to @wakest for posting about the pawpaw, North America's largest native fruit!

My girlfriend and I drove 2 hours to a small farm that grows these and bought 11 pounds today! They're amazing, taste like bananas / mangoes and grow right here, but I never knew.

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