@epilys Yes, I got to pick it up for free at the railway's recycling center :)

It's standing in our living room.

Hey uhh if you're looking to contribute to a repo for , there are a couple of open issues for Mastofeed that I'd love help with: github.com/fenwick67/mastofeed

Tequila is irredeemably bad. You put sugar and ice and juice and salt in it and it still tastes awful

The moon hereby declares its independence from terrestrial rule. Any further acts of aggression, such as orbital or surface surveillance by foreign governments, will not be tolerated. The sovereignty of the Moon is absolute and we will not suffer any further bullying by foreign governments.

Elon Musk wearing an "occupy Mars" t-shirt is some dystopian shit, a billionaire co-opts an anti-capitalist slogan and he and his fanboys are too oblivious to detect the irony

Imagine you're an artist interviewing for a job and they ask you how to make paint from materials you can find in your backyard. You explain that you would never need to do that and it's easier to just buy paint at the store, they tell you this is fundamental information every artist should be able to figure out and you don't get the job

Imagine a chef going to an interview and the owner goes "if we're out of yeast how would you go about culturing your own and making it into a brioche, you have 5 minutes to write the solution on the board"

Imagine a doctor going into an interview and they make him explain how to perform coronary bypass surgery on a patient with COPD and a pacemaker, writing the procedure on a whiteboard

The body of knowledge required for a mid-level software engineering job is just absurd

The lesson in every HGTV show is "if you spend a lot of money and get rid of all your stuff your house will look good"

I bought actualcoronamap.com because I got sick of having to Google it and wade through the SEO spam

The neumorphism design trend is fine but don't just use two css drop-shadows to emulate it, because it looks very bad

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