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"Made some great progress on my todo list today:

❌ do laundry
❌ wash dishes
✅ implement ChaCha20-Poly1305 in Scratch
❌ eat food"

Sustaining multiple DDoS attacks on today, apologies for the downtime. I'm having fun handling them though, so there's that!

Starting selection, gosh, I love doing gui apps in postfix programming languages.

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another fantastic article from @fasterthanlime: The Lies We Tell Ourselves to Keep Using Golang

my personal favourite quote:

I remember fondly the time an audience member asked the Go team "why did you choose to ignore any research about type systems since the 1970s"? I didn't fully understand the implications at the time, but I sure do now.

Orange Site 


I feel like there should be a special prize for getting an (incorrectly) flagged post on the front page of the orange site

Condolences for all the comments 😩​

'content warning' 

i mean the real is that this little 'content warning' field is extremely versatile. you can use it
- as a title, like you would put on an email or a web page. it's easier to scroll, give you an early choice of whether or not you want to read it.
- to list the applicable trigger warnings that one might want to avoid. you'll learn them as they come, and understand people's pain.
- to warn about screen reader unfriendly posts before filling a post with emoji
- to physically make your post take less space on everyone's screen, while not necessarily get less attention. i love going on an all caps rant behind a 'computers' cw. it's great and liberating without being as annoying.
- octodon special, complain to gargron if you think it's cool, here you can post over the limit inside one. this post is more than 800 characters long and i don't have to make it into a thread unless my thought are separated in time

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Okay, video player is back up! I moved everything to, in eight regions (Toronto, Sydney, San Jose, Guaruhlos (Brazil), London, Paris, Tokio, and Washington) so latency should be better for some of y'all (also one less hop in general).

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Haha seeing some DNS failures server-side, investigating...

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when you're a lawyer every morning you have to put on a lawsuit

well, let's see if image uploading works on this instance... no... wait, yes!

(That's right, I just fixed friend links for videos - it only worked for articles before today)

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You know what, fuck it:

All Mastodon friends can watch "Getting good at SNES game through DLL injection" for free for 48 hours, via this friend link (it's me, I'm friend).

And send me some dang feedback!!

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Ahhahha publishing videos that are patron-exclusive for a week is SO HARD for me because I get almost zero feedback on them for.. a week. I played myself.

To cope with that, I'm working on the sequel to already.

And here's Minou, he's older and grumpier like me. We got it from my in-laws so it definitely counts as a rescue, too.

He hangs out in the home office a bunch, but I never see him doing any actual work 🧐

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Quick tip: if you've found someone cool on Mastodon, no you haven't, you've found SEVERAL cool someones — go through their retoots and follows to populate your timeline.

You can always unfollow later 😎

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