I want to formally apologize for, when someone said "I live for your cat's appearances on camera", replying with "that's not even my best cat".

I was wrong. Both my cats are best cats. I will do better moving forward.

As penance, please accept the following:

I couldn't find a tree-sitter grammar for x86 assembly... so I made one! github.com/bearcove/tree-sitte

It supports Intel syntax only, some NASM idiosyncrasies, and understands objdump output.

It's live on my site, see for example fasterthanli.me/series/making-

And here's Minou, he's older and grumpier like me. We got it from my in-laws so it definitely counts as a rescue, too.

He hangs out in the home office a bunch, but I never see him doing any actual work 🧐

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Google Search Console has gamified "having a website" lol. I'm definitely boy, to nobody's surprise. Also most people have figured out that my nickname is three words in a trenchcoat. (The next page shows a few lost sheep searching for "fasterthanli" because the domain is fasterthanli.me)

Ah I haven't introduced my cats. This is Sherlock, we rescued him from a Greek island (flew him to France), he's a baby with poor impulse control and sharp claws but also the cutest.


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