✨ The curse of strong typing

It's been decided. "Only Rust from here on out!"

I'm livid. I haven't seen that many type errors since I texted my 7yo niece. How in the world am I going to get anything done?

re: rust propaganda (but not actually) 

@fasterthanlime one thing I got convinced by a coworker at my last job (who was one of the few PHP fans in existence) is that the term "strong typing" vs. "weak typing" actually does give an unfair over "static typing" vs. "dynamic typing"

like, it still means that static typing helps solve your problems with types before the program runs, but it doesn't immediately dismiss the other form as "weak" and instead just puts off the discussion until runtime

at the same time, I realise that this article starts out as basically a shitpost and I love it for that

re: rust propaganda (but not actually) 

@clarfonthey haha so I expected a bit of lawyering about static/dynamic/strong/weak typing in response to this article, which is why I made the effort of including a definition which is more inclusive than most people's idea of it is.

I don't care much for the exact definitions, more about the "helps prevent classes of problems" part.

re: rust propaganda (but not actually) 

@fasterthanlime yeah exactly, if you can solve a problem ahead of time why wait

@fasterthanlime I've read the whole thing at once and it has been a beautiful experience! ✨ Thank you! ❤️

I think, I've turned into a crab now... 🦀

@janriemer glad you enjoyed it and congratulations on getting through it unscathed 🦀🦀🦀

@fasterthanlime I read this yesterday, and it's gotta be the goofiest way to explain Rust concepts I've ever read

you got me to sit through and read about a bunch of async type nonsense with your secret plan to make an article about async type nonsense, bravo. you're a fine storyteller :)

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