✨ I won free load testing!

My website was DDoS'd this week. Why wasn't my website resilient in the first place? Why didn't Cloudflare's DDoS protection kick in?

All this and some Rust code (I've made some changes) in the full post-mortem:

Fourth day in a row being on the front page of HN, do I get a plaque or just hate mail

@fasterthanlime i would print you something but i messed up the printer bed leveling and it's a pain to get it back into working state

@fasterthanlime I don’t dev in Rust, I don’t host my own website, I’ve never handled any kind of heavy load, but boy are your articles fascinating and fun to read ❤️

@fasterthanlime Aaand the attacker is apparently posting on HN:

Quote for posterity:

I was the one "attacking" the video platform! I saw fly io had insane bandwidth pricing for India, so I spawned a couple of VMs in India to constantly pull the 4k video. Sad the whole ASN got blocked!

@faho That's the smaller attacker (allegedly), I'd like to hear from the bigger attacker

@fasterthanlime on the cloudflare IP range thing: cloudflare has a service called Cloudflare Tunnels or something like that where you can have your server open the connection to Cloudflare instead of the other way around

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