Sustaining multiple DDoS attacks on today, apologies for the downtime. I'm having fun handling them though, so there's that!

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@zkat i don't think it's "go folks", I think it's an individual or a small discord just having fun. I'm having fun too, so it's all good!

@zkat I can't tell what the scale of the attack is.. is that a lot? a little? somewhere in the middle?

@fasterthanlime @zkat What's the timeframe for that? Knowing the requests/second is good for sizing.

Though I wouldn't index too hard on how big an attack is... "Big enough" is plenty. The only metric that really matters is your resilience against it :)

@tweedge @zkat yeah, right now my site is easily "taken down" in that it slows to a crawl and fails most requests. BUT all my network providers like me and aren't about to boot me off, so everything is temporary and I'm working on improving the former.

@fasterthanlime one way or another your site only gets one day on the front page of hn

@fasterthanlime Hm...could be me - there are just so many interesting articles to read. 😜

No, seriously, that sucks. The envy is strong in them...

No need to apologize. I hope, the DDos attacks will stop soon. 🙏

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