The secret to joke boat is... I dunno, writing jokes, I guess?

The secret to Split The Room is pandering to exactly half the audience:

Artist's rendition of the new EU mascot, The Euronator


Lewd, cursed - it's clippy rule 34 

Yes, it actually is. Click if you want.

Alright, beat the Celeste main story!

(screenshot of my ending screen, so spoilers)

I've been playing Celeste, and I don't know any other game that is this... earnest.

It really just wants you to succeed, even if it takes a million tries. It's there for you. It's also quite hard.

And Madeline in particular is a great character. Very vulnerable, struggling with mental health, but also very kind and strong.

Cursed libertarian comment 

Oh no, I've been to the wrong part of lemmy.

Lair Of The Clockwork God has a very realistic depiction of London

As a deuteranopic german person, the flag of the ANC (South Africa's ruling political party) confuses me:

Here's the new super group:

(cw eye contact, weird hair)

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