Hello, do you reboot/power off your computer at least once a day? Are you american?

This one came about because I often see comments like "why do you care how long a reboot takes? that's, like, a monthly thing" and anecdotally it always seems to be americans saying it.

@faho interesting. boot my office windows less often than monthly and still the long process is annoying. boot my private linux even less often - but also takes only 10 seconds


@faho I know many non American people who show off with their way too long uptime as if that were something good though.

I generally turn of my PCs every time I'm done with what I was doing unless I know I'll need them again very soon.

The slowest part of booting up is entering my decryption password anyway, so a fresh boot takes less than a minute usually.

@faho Personally, I shut my computer off every night. There is no reason for it to use energy when I’m asleep.

@faho I have it set to suspend if left alone for more than 20 minutes. I used to shut it down properly at bedtime, but these days I'm too likely to fall asleep while putting the child to bed and leave it blazing all night.


@faho would like to see this broken down by os too. I run Linux and I need something to seriously go wrong for me to consider a reboot.

@faho I missed the poll, but until recently, I used to shut my computer down completely and power it off between each use. I now have to leave it on, locked, because a small portion of my BBS runs on it, but that irks me enough from a power usage perspective that I keep pondering ways to work around it. I did note that many people seemed to think I was weird for doing that, though. I'm Canadian, for demographics.

@faho I shut my desktop down every night once I'm done using it. It boots so quickly I don't care about using either sleep or hibernate. And I don't have to worry about any vampiric power draw.

@faho Ich schalt den Desktop halt ab, Steckerleiste aus. Und wenn’s über den Tag ein Kernelupdate gab und ich neue HW anstecken muss, starte ich auch neu. Dieses Dauer-Standby-Ding ist doch eher so ein Mac-User-Verhalten.

@frumble Mac-User? Dat würd natürlich auch mit Amerikaner/nicht korrelieren

@faho Und der Strom ist in den USA wohl generell billiger, siehe die oft ganztätig laufenden TVs, egal ob man daheim ist oder nicht. Jedenfalls war das mal so.

@faho I generally switch off my computer overnight, 'cause I live in a one-room-flat, so it is in my bedroom, and I need quiet for sleeping...

@faho ...also, I grew up in a "switch everything OFF instead of leaving it on standby, to preserve electricity"-household

@Anke @faho yea me too, but i have moved away from that since studying electronics and learning that the power supply of modern devices is way more efficient than of old ones in standby. rule of thumb: if nothing is getting warm you're not really wasting energy.

I put my PC into sleep mode during the day, shutdown during the night (am german)


The main reason I reboot about every 1-3 days is that our internet's awful and it's always going out. :/

@faho help i accidentally clicked the wrong option

@faho closer to yearly than daily. my IRC client has been running for over three years. (remote machine)

@faho my machine, daily; my employer’s machine, weekly or longer.

why “american” though?

@xarvos It's simply an observation I've made - when you see a comment like "why would you care about boot times I reboot once a month" it's very, very often specifically an american.

Interesting correlation, is all.

@faho not American, I was not doing this daily when I had a MacBook, I do now that I have a windows computer... Don't know why tho 😅

@faho not american, shut down my personal computer every night but not the workplace one because I have too much context (open terminals, editors, …) there that I don't want to loose, and the provided ssd is too small to have a swap partition for suspend-to-ram (or rather it would be large enough if 2/3 of it wasn't used by an useless windows install I'm not allowed to remove)

@faho when I'm not using my computer i have it shut off

@faho I've got computer, stereo, desktop lamp, mixer, and screens all plugged into a multi socket outlet and I turn that off entirely at night or when I'm not using it.

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