So there's this one accounts posts that sometimes make the rounds because they talk about privacy being good and javascript and cookie notices being bad, and people like that sort of stuff.

But then you open up the account and you see (in addition to the covid conspiracy bullshit) literal moonlanding denial

@faho "several irrefutable arguments"

Narrator: "They were most likely all refuted successfully."

@Jo @faho On top of that the instance's admin seems to be a proponent of the "Don't make tech easier for people, they should all do it the hard way like us, for whom it is easy" mindset.

Don't need people like that federated with my instance.

@crash @faho Yeah, I'm all for improving efficiency in computing but that needs to be a gradual and iterative process. That's not achieved by throwing everyone into a twisted faux-Darwinian deep end. :blobtilt:

@faho Boosting since I think this is important for my crowd!

@faho Also: it seems the same user (juding by Neocities link) is on

@faho egads. Moon landing conspiracy theories are like a credulity test for easy marks.

@faho welp, now im curious about those "several irrefutable arguments"

@faho If you dig deeper digdeeper, you'll also see a lot of antisemitism, I won't provide the link to spare everyone's minds but I can't believe he's taken seriously, and IMHO it proves that social media are a flawed model.

His blog post about Mozilla is also in the same tone as his "moon landings are faked" – you don't actually learn anything.

@faho "should be used to open people's mental barriers to other, less proven ones"

Oh, oh boy, that's ominous. 😬


> several irrefutable arguments

You know, as backup, in case the others get refuted.

@faho "Most proven conspiracy theory" is an interesting turn of phrase. Like, are they aware that there are actually things we call conspiracies, without the word theory attached? Things that have actually been demonstrated to have happened.

@faho they should just stick to privacy and software topics instead of conspiracy theory posting

@wandering_girl That's quite possibly the worst take away here.

Whether they choose to *say* something isn't the issue, it's that they've fallen for the conspiracy in the first place!

@faho @wandering_girl yeah it's a lot better that they are letting their freak flag fly, so there's no plausible deniability

@faho They believe in the moon? Pfft! Everyone knows the moon is just projected into the night sky by the illuminati to cover up the fact that science is a lie. Has anyone actually seen hydrogen? Exactly, it's fake people, fake

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