There's some irony to an emacs user explaining how emacs should be easier to use by comparing it to... Atom. You know, that editor that github used to build that was so thoroughly eclipsed by Visual Studio Code (which is the same basic idea) that I'm not even sure github remembers they technically still make it.


Apparently Github have discovered they technically still make Atom and decided to stop:

@faho "It’s worth reflecting that Atom has served as the foundation for the Electron framework" so Atom ruined everything. Ugh.

@faho it's a shame it's disappearing, but I'm sure if people want to keep it they have access to the source code. 🤷‍♂️

You're right that Visual Studio Code has eclipsed it.

I personally still prefer compiled text editors though for more general purpose applications, because they scale better with large text files. Notepad++, Kate & gedit all still have their place imho. 🙂

@TrechNex @faho check out the newer Coteditor in that second category

@TrechNex @faho ... which is libre native editor if you're on Mac, I should have mentioned. On Linux I've been using xed.

@jollyrogue @faho it is not. They seem similar on the surface because they are both Electron apps with dark themes set as the default.

@huntra @faho it's open source, if anyone cares enough they can just fork it.

@faho lol actually i use atom because im a total n00b and it was introduced to us at a high school hackathon. i want to move off of it but most of the articles about better editors are really technically in depth and i don't have that sort of expertise to know what i'd want out of them. i dont want to keep using atom tho.

@pixouls @faho Any particular programming language(s) support? Would proprietary editors be OK or out of the question?

@sindastra i would like to avoid proprietary editors, but whatever works if it's free

@pixouls There are some "general purpose" code editors (like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text), and then there are full-blown IDEs which only support one or a handful of languages, but do so really well. Did you have anything specific in mind regarding this? If you happen to code in one of the languages I know, I might be able to recommend a specific IDE. (:

@RyunoKi @sindastra oh yeah! my friend uses brackets. am worried that adobe would pull the plug on it tho too, given their track record

@pixouls @RyunoKi The funny (or sad) thing is, Adobe *did* pull the plug already (in 2021). It's now maintained by the community. :D

I don't know what effect that has or will have on the software, though. I haven't used Brackets in years. I guess we can hope. (:

@sindastra the languages i have interfaced with mostly have their own environments. For python, i have jupyter (though I'm not tied down to it), arduino has its own IDE, MATLAB too, and then there's html/css/js. Nothin super particular here. oh. and i mentioned this before, but win11

@pixouls For Python I'd recommend PyCharm by JetBrains. They have a free community edition.

But if you're happy with what you're using and it works for you, there's no need to switch to something else, of course. :D

@sindastra @pixouls Well, I had my fair share with the Jetbrains IDEs. Not my taste (as in general, IDEs appear „too helpful” for my style of writing code).

But yeah, you will find many Python developers using PyCharm and loving it.

There's also Spyder for scientists:

MATLAB … well, *sighs
Guess you have to work with that (GNU Octave is only partially compatible).

@pixouls @faho VS Code is basically Atom with extra work done to make it not feel slow. There’s a lot of add-ons for it, but you can ignore them and just use it as a basic editor if you want. If you’re comfortable with Atom, it should feel pretty familiar.

@jalefkowit while the writing as on the wall for years now, this announcement made me resume my exploration into making vim a viable ide. It's hard but it'll probably still be around in 20 years @pixouls @faho

@geist @pixouls @faho Oh yeah, you can totally do that. It's just not what I would recommend to (1) someone coming from Atom (2) who doesn't want to get hip-deep into their text editor

@geist @pixouls @faho Vim at least has built-in package management now, which should make loading it up with plugins a lot less of a hassle than it used to be

@jalefkowit @geist @pixouls @faho I’m hugely enjoying Helix Editor ( It took a few weeks (don’t switch editors and Linux distributions at the same time; especially to an immutable OS) but I’m more productive now than I’ve ever been. It’s changed how I think while coding. It’s like moving from chaos to stillness when editing code. And thinking in code, not in character positions.

@aral @jalefkowit @geist @pixouls @faho I think Lapce is not there yet, but looks promising, I would like to suggest Lite-xl -

@aral @jalefkowit @geist @pixouls @faho

that looks painful (helix) ... guess I'm an old dog at this point ... sticking with vim and i've become comfortable with VSC.

@geist @jalefkowit @pixouls @faho SpaceVim with Neovim is pretty cool.

Spacemacs is also really cool way for Vim users to use Emacs.

Angry about my ide now being dead 

@faho god damnit, you know how hard it is to change ides?
Atom was my open source go to ide.
Is there even any left? They probably dont work half as well.

The only option i see is vs code, pulled back into the fucking microsoft ecosystem.

@xorowl @faho honestly? This is why Linux is my IDE.

Are there autocomplete things that work better within a different editor? Yeah.

But very worst case scenario I just compile my own linux kernel, terminal, and vim.

@ketmorco @faho that's cool, but vim vi and emacs dont jive with me. even nano is better for me.

i think windows/notepad++ is the closest i have now.....
wait... does notepad++ work in wine?
time to test

@xorowl @faho Probably. Have you tried Geany? It gives me notepad++ vibes for me, who doesn't use either of them very much 😂

@ketmorco @faho yeah, thats the one for the pi.
I dont remember if it was painful because of the pi or if it was the program

Angry about my ide now being dead 

@xorowl @faho There is Codium which is the FOSS parts of VS Code.

I’m sure there are others depending on the OS.

@faho i forgot about atom. i imagine most of its users are probably using vs code these days

@faho shake but expected. It was quite a good editor in its day. I just hope we don’t end up with a mono culture around VSCode.

@faho damn it... Their GitHub integration is far nicer than VS code... Simple token and in... Just tried to setup VS code again last night and the hate set in quickly

@faho Pity, I find the “split diff” package in it kinda handy (on MacOS)..

@faho @nev huh. I thought Atom was forked/renamed to VSCode. Whoops.

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