The absolute worst part of markdown is how it automatically renumbers lists.

Like you write

1. nothing wrong with me
6. nothing wrong with me
8. nothing wrong with me

and it turns that into

1. nothing wrong with me
2. nothing wrong with me
3. nothing wrong with me

because clearly whoever numbered the list just made a mistake.

(what it should have done is allow starting a list with #. or something and *then* do the numbers)

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@ionizedgirl as long as I can get a dig at John Gruber in.

What a fucking cunt - one of the chrome people once said how he was proud that they didn't crunch before the original release, and Gruber's comment on that was "Oh, so that's why it uses more battery than Safari on Mac".

He's such an apple cultist it's not even funny anymore

@faho who's John Gruber isn't that the bad guy in Die Hard

@ionizedgirl The Markdown inventor. Who also blocks any attempt at making it better. Nobody is allowed to write a spec or anything and call it "markdown". His stewardship consists of just blocking everything.

@faho I say this just means you really should make it and call it matthewdown

@faho i mean, that's because that's how HTML ordered lists work, you can't arbitrarily number things in them...

@devurandom That's an explanation. Doesn't mean it's not trash UX.

Birds singing loudly, carelessness with bodies. 

@faho All autocorrect should allow ^Z to undo. Otherwise you lose creative masterpieces like the following:

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