Honestly, don't use a crossposter.

It doesn't really work, it causes you to treat one side as the "real" one and the other as a backup.

But whatever you do, please don't crosspost retweets. I think I'm just gonna start unfollowing people if I see "RT"

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There's that sort of people who crosspost who just drag all the twitter culture bullshit with them. They never really arrive here.

For example they barely use CWs (or cw everything as "crosspost", thanks for nothing) and keep up that performative yelling about politics to engage the algorithm.

Update I have now started unfollowing people who crosspost (quote-)retweets.

I'm not going to *block* you for using a crossposter or anything, I just don't want awkward twitterese in my feed, so I'm curating it

@faho just curious, as I'm trying to manage (minimal maintenance and interactions) an account for a movement otherwise present only on twitter, would you unfollow that as well? 🤔
We're currently under capacity to make mastodon primary and there's still the need to reach as much people as possible so media can't commit to curating the fediverse better... :/

@materhyu To be clear I'm unfollowing for crossposting *retweets*. If you're posting your own stuff that's fine, I just don't want to see something like

Thing I added in the quote tweet

This is the quoted tweet

<link to quoted tweet>

because that's just an awkward experience to read, and moves the other context behind jumping to another site.

However I don't tend to follow "movement" accounts anyway so it's kind of a moot point here..

@faho fair enough, that was truly just out of curiosity, thanks for the clear explanation though!

@faho You'd never want to follow me, then! I care about the information, not where it comes from. No social media platform is worth devoting that much time to, absolutely no platform, at all.

@faho cross posting should be banned and it should come with a risk of suspension from the instance your are on.

There I said it. 😁
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