Okay, why say "web browsers are hard to make, you need a huge budget to do so" instead of

Chrome wasn't built in a day


@faho websites that only work in chrome are collectively The Chroman Empire

will we see the collapse of the Chroman Empire?

@cinebox @faho the problem is that Nero's role is reserved for Zuck

New versions of Edge are just Chrome in disguise, instead of being a separate browser, hence "Chrome Edition"
@MxCraven @faho

@faho on FreeBSD build servers, we often have that problem:

Chrome doesn't finish building in a day (and a half), the build job is killed, and there's no update.

@meena OOOhh I wasn't even thinking about compilation.

I was thinking development!

@faho If this also implies that the Chroman Empire will fall one day, it's even better.

@scanlime... do you believe the romans were the good guys?

Because I'm not calling this a good thing.

@faho i don't see how the joke works unless you want to conflate "chrome" with all "web browsers"

@scanlime Chrome has had a fuckton of work poured into it, and competing with that requires a huge budget?

That's why Chrome's hegemony is so hard to beat, which is why "everyone" but Mozilla has basically given up on making their own browser from scratch

@faho i don't know why folks dismiss firefox already?

@scanlime I... I don't?

I use it?

It's just that Chrome has the overwhelming market share, so it is the thing to beat?

Firefox is somewhere at *maybe* 10% (discounting mobile entirely because that's a broken ecosystem).

@faho sounds like you're looking for a technical solution to a social problem then

@scanlime @faho dude, you should get some fresh air, it must be hard to breathe with your head lodged firmly up your ass.

@faho most computers even take more than a day to build chrome from source

Instead of "web browsers are the worst case of scope creep and hypertext documents were never meant to be Turing-complete"?

@faho I dream about modular web browser made in Unix-like philosophy.

@didek @faho @humanetech
I dream about a modular #browser engine too often.

The hardest part is to make a community-driven #javascript engine that for example can be dropped into webkit or at least into node or deno.

I wonder if it is splittable into making/adopting a #wasm machine and making a js JIT compiler into wasm.

There is also KJS but i wonder if it is actually usable now.

@didek @faho Have you heard of Otter Browser? It may not be as Unix-y as Uzbl, but it's very modular!

@faho Can't you make a technically functional one in a day?

@faho Perhaps they will say this when it takes more than 24 hours to compile!

@faho And the way diversity in the browser market is waning, you could even say that

All roads lead to Chrome.

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