Your password should include

- 1 lowercase letter
- 2 bits of punctuation
- 3 unprintables
- 4 spoilers for a running show
- 5 digits of pi
- 6 mystery characters
- 7 up
- 8 9s
- 9 pieces of wisdom
- 10 minute pauses
- 11 pronounced by a scot
- 12 elves

and a partridge in a pear tree

@cinebox Oh no, a good password absolutely should *not* include itself!

You already know it's going to include itself, so adding itself provides no security.

@faho thats why it should include itself and ALSO all those other things

@faho no more blood of a virgin anymore? what do I do with that stuff now?

@MissInformation Blood is unhygienic, so we decided to change it to gifs of people doing fingerguns

I recommend you either dispose of your stored blood properly or turn it into album covers.

@faho using the Hayes compatible analog modem AT command set you can implement a 10 minute pause by prefixing your password with ATS8=200 and then using three commas in a sequence (e.g. ,,,) to specifically a 600 second wait.

@dentaku @ckeen Williams is best for shaking, they're the Williams shake pear, after all.

But no, it's not really important for a gold password.

I was thinking of "and a partridge in a pear tree" before I even got to the bottom of the post...

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