Haha, made you look!

Okay, so the cw isn't an outright lie:

Fuck, I love boobs tho

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@raccoon guess it depends on what you plan on doing with 'em.


@raccoon Sleeping on boobs is very good, cute and not lewd, yes.


@faho Tried searching my phone for a boobs meme but couldn't find one. I'm disappointed in myself.


@faho I've got one! Also, this is a golden quote!

"Yeah, for me it was (I read Torvalds in the title, so I started looking for him): all the guys, check if there any left around the borders, ok - maybe they're looking at Torvalds, following their eyes, "wait boobs?", pause, "oh, whose are they", look at girl's face, "yep, here he is""

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