Ah, yes, Brave. The homophobe's cryptocurrency browser.


they had to have their own parades, and now this. blech

@faho I get the other stuff about Brave being bad, but why is it homophobic?

@Lofenyy It's made by Brendan Eich who left Mozilla over donating $1000 of his own money to a campaign against gay marriage.

@faho Good to know! Who would have thought that an amoral asshole would also be an amoral asshole!?

@faho @Lofenyy

Is there a word for "I agree with your conclusions and your reasons but things aren't quite that simple"?

There are many reasons to stay away from Brave, Brendon Eich being one of them. Another is that it looks to be some kind of cryptocurrency scheme.

But most relevant here, it's also owned by Peter Thiel. Peter Thiel is a gay man, but he's also a terrible person.

Brave is terrible on many fronts, including its owners.

@emacsen @faho @AgreeableLandscape That feeling when Brave is so goddamn awful that even three different people all explaining to each other why Brave is bad manage to bring new information to the table about why it's awful, that wasn't mentioned before.

I'd also like to mention that it's yet another get rich quick scheme by the creators and that it hurts its users in more ways than I feel like mentioning at the moment.

@emacsen @faho @Lofenyy

Look at what they do, not what they say. Can use the #4opens as a useful tool for this.

We clectivly have lift the shiny lid on the
#dotcons to see the stinking shit underneath. My outreach thought is to ask people please stop reading there #PR and looks at the undlighning structers to make judgments.

@emacsen @faho @Lofenyy whoa, are you sure Thiel is a partial owner...? I'm not saying he's not, but that would be crazy, and I have never heard that so far.

@phillipprado @faho @Lofenyy

Phillip, I'm sorry to be snarky here, but all you had to do was go to the Wikipedia page on Brave:

You see there that Founders Fund owns part of Brave, and Peter Thiel is one of the founders and key players in Founders Fund.

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