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Good girls go to heaven, goo girls go everywhere

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IT pro tip: Have you tried turning it off?

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Okay, I need to write another for here, don't I?

Hi, I'm Fabian!

Theoretically, I do unixy computery things that you may or may not care about - the fish shell, some weird tiling script for kwin,...

I also enjoy music - I grew up with metal and blues but am trying to expand. Also videogames.

But in practice, what I do here most of the time is stupid puns, and jeansifying people's avatars.

I'm german but ~98% of my posts are in english.


The Friends theme song should have been

Bing us a bong you're the Chandler man

The number of open bugs/"issues" on your open source software project are mostly a factor of

1. how open-ended it is (if you're just implementing "true" of course you're not gonna get a lot of feature requests)
2. how popular it is - if nobody uses it, nobody'll file bugs

Take that number with a grain of salt.

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Do you believe Elon Musk could make you cum?

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If vampires made robots, do you think they'd add blood in case they need a quick snack?

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Freenode: *dies*
Also Freenode: "we've taken a tremendous step forward toward true decentralization."

Honestly, there is something funny about a hardcore libertarian gamedev literally falling in love with his AI, and weeping for her because she's going to be turned off by the private company who's platform he built her on, because he refuses to build in safeguards.

Python has the PEP (Python Enhancement Proposal) process, rust has RFCs, fish should have Fish Adjustment Plans

"MCYT" stands for


You know that actor, Karl Urban?

Turns out his full name is Karl-Heinz Urban.

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German problems: Reading "Kraft Heinz" as "Karl Heinz" and asking "Karl Heinz *who*?"

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