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Lewd, silly 

Good girls go to heaven, goo girls go everywhere

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IT pro tip: Have you tried turning it off?

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Okay, I need to write another for here, don't I?

Hi, I'm Fabian!

Theoretically, I do unixy computery things that you may or may not care about - the fish shell, some weird tiling script for kwin,...

I also enjoy music - I grew up with metal and blues but am trying to expand. Also videogames.

But in practice, what I do here most of the time is stupid puns, and jeansifying people's avatars.

I'm german but ~98% of my posts are in english.


Lewd poll 

Would you bone Jack Black?

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Huh apparently Github previews now generate a summary card instead of just using the maintainer's profile icon
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If you were a cat

Matrix but it's Mario offering you the red or blue shell

Which shell do you use?

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traffic jams imply the existence of traffic bread

If you were a cat

Reminds me of that one time someone opened a bug with a username composed of random characters and immediately deleted the account.

When we then closed it because we couldn't see how we'd get replies, they answered (under a new account) that this was awful and how could we they were just trying to protect their privacy.


Just to be clear: I don't give a rat's arse about your name or identity. All I care is some form of stable identifier that you can be reached under.

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So someone creates a new github account, opens a bogus issue and deletes the account again without replying.


Yes, I'm delaware, I heard Clint Eastwood and Deltron 3030, I know Del The Funky Homosapien.

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That guy who really likes Apple, like 15 years ago: Here's Markdown, a simple markup language, which is readable in plain text but can also be easily formatted into HTML

Average README in the year 2021: *a dozen lines of HTML to show a banner image and twenty different badges*

Software drama 

Oh no, the libreboot people have an article on the Stallman thing and it has *all* the red flags

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