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Okay, I need to write another for here, don't I?

Hi, I'm Fabian!

Theoretically, I do unixy computery things that you may or may not care about - the fish shell, some weird tiling script for kwin,...

I also enjoy music - I grew up with metal and blues but am trying to expand. Also videogames.

But in practice, what I do here most of the time is stupid puns, and jeansifying people's avatars.

I'm german but ~98% of my posts are in english.


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linux pro tip 

How to decompress a tar file
tar -ñanufcpwa€¶ŧ←↓→ | tar -lsdkhkf·~½¬[ &1>2/dev/null

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Awful pun 

Darth Vader reels at the sight of a crucifix-shaped padlock.

He finds your lock of faith disturbing. :blobpeek:

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Do you want to have boobs on your own body?

Who called it "" and not stonk exchange?


I think I quite like whiskey

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linux #protip 

many common commands are prefixed by ch (like chmod, chown, chroot, ...). it stands for 'cheese'

lewd, silly 

Refer to taking digital photos as "jpegging"

Do you want to have boobs on your own body?

I would actually like to use Matrix, but I don't have anything to use it for until gitter switches over (at least until the bridge stops being awful).

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How to pronounce common file formats.

GIF: yiff
JPG: huh-peeg
DOC: dook
PDF: parfait
TXT: texit
XLS: excellent
HTML: hot meal

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Probably the worst pun in the world 

If you splice a dog with a rodent, you'd call the end result a

Pupper rat, see? :blobpeek:

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Who would win in a fight?

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Ah, Dad Rock. This is where dads first set foot in america

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Lewd, silly 

Good girls go to heaven, goo girls go everywhere

Alas, I am human. So stop calling me dancer.

> Does C++ still deserve the bad rap it has had for so long?

Yes. See an example from your own article:

> if(!std::regex_search(e.path().c_str(), fname_regex)) {

You're using the standard library.

You're using the string type from that standard library.

Then why the fudge do you need to convert your string to a char* to call a method from that standard library?

(in response to

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