@fabriek @reay That is a most excellent explanation for the strange movement of clouds in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

@Eichi @fabriek I think the “Red Spot” has now been proved to be a really huge duck eye?


i mean....


sorry that its in german... there the Ente(rprise) joke works better because duck is Ente in german.

@glowl The thing is though: these are geese, not ducks :)

ahhhh, they are birbs on water they have to be ducks! Geese run arround angrily honking and messing everything up everywhere you have to be wrong!1!1!!11!

@glowl @fabriek you mean, if it swims like a duck and walks like duck and quacks like a duck, you call that thing a duck? :) #duckTyping

@fabriek Whoah, they found life on it! Terrifying, giant :goose_flap: life. Wonders never cease.


@fabriek First I was like "strange, where's the big storm?"

then I saw the ducks.

@fabriek the great duck spot (a great spot for ducks to hang out)

¡Qué bonita imagen! La mente es algo maravilloso. Me ha hecho el día.

@fabriek Sorry, I didn't see you speak another language. It's a beautiful scene, the title makes it an "interactive art", if I may say... Thanks!

@Maya No worries!

I didn't take the photo, but thanks anyway!

@fabriek Oh, its fine, it was smart to place it here under those "terms" 🤓.

@fabriek I saw this on my timeline yesterday and thought "oh what a nice picture of Jupiter." Today I had a second look… 😂

@fabriek Y yo preguntándome, que tipo de telescopio habías utilizado, para sacar una foto de Júpiter tan nítida, jeje. 😅

Excelente fotografía y composición. 📸👍

@fabriek I went three times past that post without noticing this wasn't a picture of actual Jupiter

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