grs transfem 

going into bottom surgery stuff, the way a lot of the trans surgery "enthusiasts" talk about things endlessly makes it all seem like you're destined for life so dry you're going to think you're in Dune and ... idk i think there's a serious overhyping of that fear.

grs transfem 

like for sure its definitely good to do your research and find a surgeon who does a style that best suits your needs, but definitely do not dwell in the land of trans surgery forums because there are way too many people talking about surgeries they havent had.

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there are apparently something like a dozen bishops within new york city with genuine apostolic succession, some of whom claim their apartments as cathedrals (which is again, technically correct)

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all these horse girls won’t get off my massive labia cause my pubes look like hay >:(

I spilled baked beans all over myself watching shadows on the walls of a cave and an enlightened man shouted 'this prisoner thinks hes eatin beans' and everyone laughed

London officially won the war on christmas

nsfw book recommendation! 

@eweish's zine 'fucking trans women' is so fucking good and you should 100% buy and read it if you havent.

it's been a long time since i picked it up but as an occasional partner to trans women i found it as like vital reading if, like me back then, all your experience is firsthand and individual and maybe a bit vague, or you've been mostly informed by guides that focus on consent/sexual politics/the stuff that happens outside of actually having sex.

can't speak to how great it is for trans women to read though it was recommended to me by them and i've heard great things about it from that perspective. saying from an afab perspective to afab folks it is definitely for you to read as well. it's not a manual and it doesnt ~cover everything~, it addresses a wide variety of related topics and is all the better for it, it's personal and beautiful and sexy. and yeah. just read it. it's fantastic

Tragic how often “I’m a brat” stands in for “I don’t know what I’m doing because I have no experience only opinions on fic”

Eidma Mubarak! Today is #FestivalOfEidma.
Gather round fedibabies and let me regale you with a story from the early days. A tale of a toot so devastating it made a rich asshole write an entire self-pitying blog post. A tale of a toot so powerful it made an enemy of the community go away forever. This is the story of how @eweish saved the fediverse on this day two years ago

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