A reminder that January is a month that usually sees a lot of trans girls having a hard time but also acting out bc of depression and the holidays and lots of reasons. Make good choices for yourselves please and get through this bullshit

So there’s some heavily misunderstood things regarding Afroreligions, like Vodou or Lukumí, that’s important to understand. These are Afroindigenous _closed_ religions. Especially Vodou. These religions center ancestors, especially enslaved ancestors. When you see white and non-descendant people being “initiated”, it’s being done by specific groups of ppl in a specific lineage that are scamming these people for thousands to millions of $.


Like I’m not going to babysit everyone who doesn’t know the difference between being a white supremacist and fighting white supremacy. No. I’m not wasting my time on someone who can easily be taken in by bigots, because they always end up there anyway. Anyone who would get kicked out of a club and respond by becoming a nazi is functionally a larval Nazi.

uhhhhhh, I mean I get it but also no, you can’t expect everyone to work and teach simultaneously?!

They say that the clit is the only organ that’s for nothing but pleasure but consider the prostate of the trans woman

Unfortunate that much of our world has forgotten or denies the objective truth that young men look best bent over the bed with ankles spread, whimpering.

Meta ish? Meta lite?Racism 

cw meta opinion, lowkey subtoot 

Definitely not interested in an instance that’s fine with racism not directed at their 20 year old admin wtf NO


Note that used/open dildo and the open pregnancy test

I used to keep some pads and tamponsunder my sink for afab friends.

This dude went wayyyyyy too far and made some interesting guesses about what makes the ladies feel at home:

I cannot imagine what it’s like to be into hippie men.

Headphones that pitch-shift all men and only men into the elfin range

turning on the federated timeline to get a momentary ADD fix

increasing my femininity until it becomes a kind of choking cloud of pink radiant mist that feminizes my surroundings and those nearby

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