Tragic how often “I’m a brat” stands in for “I don’t know what I’m doing because I have no experience only opinions on fic”

Eidma Mubarak! Today is #FestivalOfEidma.
Gather round fedibabies and let me regale you with a story from the early days. A tale of a toot so devastating it made a rich asshole write an entire self-pitying blog post. A tale of a toot so powerful it made an enemy of the community go away forever. This is the story of how @eweish saved the fediverse on this day two years ago

squinting at the screen trying to figure out if Caitlyn Jenner really did just donate $5

there's something weirdly magical about looking at 3-4 year old big reddit posts about transgender identity with people asking if they -might- be trans in them and then clicking on their username and seeing what they're up to now.. and yeah.. they're talking about sappho and anime girls holding hands.


And then the Melissa Auf De Maur cover which is *the actual sound of my most dirtbagly heart during a sad time of changes.* like might as well have been recorded by holding a stethoscope to my chest after a breakup.

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Black Sabbath - “Changes” 10/10

...and it’s like yeah why not but also how?!?!

Help me rationalize the risk of moving forward with vaginoplasty once the option again becomes available to me in a few months, along with laser. I need some outside voices telling me what I know to be true: that this is the right move and that whether it's me getting it or someone else, patients and doctors alike will be at slightly increased risk

front bottoms

This is a cool video but I’m a little surprised this is the sound mastodon is in love with

There is really only one universal ethical truth imo and it is that pretty girls are baby

Hey guys so I live on disability and if you want you can totally just send me your stimulus check I’ll tell you thank you and everything

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