i'm looking for a linux distro that is privacy and security oriented but is friendliest to people who just switched over from windows for the first time. any recs?

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I'm starting to get emails from companies asking how they can get featured on my list of recommended apps on my Neocities page.

Obviously I'll be politely declining, but it's interesting nevertheless.

FYI the site can be found at chriswere.neocities.org/links.

If you're worried about the overreach of Silicon Valley, don't just look at Facebook and autonomous vehicles and AI, also keep your eyes on FOOD bloomberg.com/news/articles/20

#latestagecapitalism #liberatorytechnology

that fucking ride was Great and i got Kinda Lost and my feet are Pretty Cold and i had to Yell At A Car but aaaaaaaa it feels SO GOOD to have a bike i'm happy on !!!!!!

re: men who try to claim libraries can be replaced by "netflix for books" don't understand what a library is for Show more

men who try to claim libraries can be replaced by "netflix for books" don't understand what a library is for Show more

Creatives who leave Black and Brown bodies out of their creations are cowards. Yes, I know we don't sell as well. You're a coward not an ally.

I honestly can't believe it's the 21st century and humanity's primary mode of transportation still involves sitting on top of a big tank full of explosive liquid which powers an internal combustion engine that only averages about 20% efficiency, while emitting a staggering amount of atmospheric pollution. 🚗

Verschlimbesserung is an older German frankenword that nevertheless perfectly encapsulates modern technology.

Verbessering means improvement, schlim means worse, and verschlimbesserung means a so-called improvement that actually makes things worse.

Like my 'smart' thermostat that lets me set different temperatures for different times of the day, but then adds its own ideas of what a good temperature is on top of that, so that it never is.

Why do Greek, Czech & Swedish have more online resources than other languages with a couple million speakers? t.co/rEPk5Qjya8 #linguistics

If you've ever wondered how books get onto archive.org, this is how

As a Native American I'm still here. I am strong. I'm not a mythological fairy tale character. I will speak/write my native language when my ancestors were forbidden. I will not be stopped. I'm a descendant of survivors from the largest genocide in the world. I'm a generational curse breaker. I refuse 2 be white washed. I refuse 2 celebrate Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Columbus Day. I refuse 2 be apart of organized religion. I will 4ever defend tribal sovereignty, treaties, & natural resources.

I’ve received a few emails from marketing firms wanting to pay for sponsored toots on infosec.exchange. Obviously, I’m not going to take those offers, but I find it interesting that advertisers are starting to take note of the Fediverse. Fair warning, i guess. #mastoadmins

If humans can't use your tech,
they don't need to become more technical,
your tech needs to become more human.

KDE Connect developers are back with more features, more goodies and more improvements so that you can better integrate your mobile with your desktop.


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