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@sbeebe We usually are warmer, around -10°C but do get a couple of weeks of deep freeze a year.

Glad teachers’ convention is virtual this year and I don’t have to leave the house for the next 2 days...

Stephan's Quintet is a visual grouping of 5 galaxies located in the constellation of Pegasus. Of the 5 galaxies, 4 are a actually a group of close galaxies. The 5th galaxy NGC 7320 (near the bottom of the cluster in this image) is actually a foreground object, much closer to us.

Firing Lasers to Tame the Sky

Image Credit & Copyright: Juan Carlos Muñoz / ESO; Text: Juan Carlos Muñoz #APoD

A view of the Veil Nebula from the @RAOastronomy half metre Baker-Nun telescope. As a supernova remnant, the Veil is what's left of a massive star that exploded thousands of years ago.

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@erinbee that is a good question. I had a colleague from another university request to ask a voluntary questionnaire to one of my classes once. Not only did it have to pass the ethics committee at her institution, but had to pass the ethics committee at mine as well.

Elephants, psychotropics, religion 

@erinbee probably not going to get scooped on a paper that's for sure.

Woah. You can explore the sky map too.

"The map is the culmination of six years with 1405 nights of observations, three telescopes (and one space telescope), and one supercomputer cranking away at the data… because the survey has a total of 10 trillion pixels, and makes up a petabyte of data — a thousand terabytes, or a million gigabytes."

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NGC 6826 is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Cygnus. The two bright regions to the left and right of the central star are FLIERS (Fast Low Ionization Emission Regions) that are moving faster than the gas around them in the nebula.

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