This is the first ever experimental colour image from the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory Baker-Nunn telescope. It is of the planetary nebula M27. The BN was never designed to do colour images so we've been experimentally using theatrical gels over the full aperture to do the three RGB filters.

Taken on 21 July 2017, the second image is the full frame. There is some vignetting in the full frame.

@evilscientistca Is this a nebula found inside another nebula? (By inside, I don't mean physically contained by the larger object; perhaps overlaid is a better term.)

@evilscientistca Ahh, was wondering if the surrounding blue was a gas cloud or not. I'm guessing it's terrestrial then.

@vertigo Terrestrial in that it is an imaging artifact. We were amazed it worked at all.

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