Stars greater than 8 times the mass of the Sun die spectacularly in a supernova explosion. What's left is a nebula known as a supernova remnant. This is M1 the remnant of a star seen to explode in 1054. As M1 is ~6000ly away, the explosion actually happened 6000 years earlier.

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@evilscientistca what do you mean "seen to explode 1054"? Was it observed by people for the first time in year 1054?

@JohanEmpa That's when Chinese astronomers noted a "Guest star" in that location. Since M1 is about 6000 ly away, the actual explosion would have happened 6000 years prior to the observation of the explosion.

@evilscientistca okay, interesting, also fascinating that there's a written record that survived for nearly thousand years and made it's way from China to Canada.

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