Can you find Pluto in this animated gif? When you do think of Clyde Tombaugh its discoverer who would have had to find it using this blink method without the benefit of computer technology to line up the stars and do the blinking.

@evilscientistca Is it that dot at the left about 2/3 of the way down? The second frame doesn't show for very long so it's hard to see it.

I doubt it was particularly hard to spot on a blink comparator; the challenge would have been the number of photographs he would have had to look at to find it.

@freakazoid That and with setup and registration he'd be lucky to get through one set of plates a day.

@freakazoid I'm also not sure why Mastodon hacks up the gif so badly. The original on my machine and when posted to Twitter don't get mangled.

@evilscientistca bottom left, I guess? assuming there's only one thing moving in there
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