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I had the opportunity to finally meet @ethanz last night, interviewing him for FLOSS Weekly #678.

We covered lots of ground on federation, the diversity of microblogging systems, the Fediverse and Mastodon, why Twitter is so hard to replace and more. I had a great time, albeit finding we were only starting discussions rather than getting to their meat, and you may enjoy it too!

It's exciting to see tons of people joining Mastodon - I am still not especially active here, but am working on a new workflow that lets me crosspost between Twitter and Mastodon. That, combined with the next generation of (not currently working) might let me finally get off Twitter.

I spent some time yesterday trying to understand the pattern of Mastodon's growth. Here's what I wrote about what I learned:

Anyone have a list of the largest Mastodon nodes? Am trying to understand what's going on in the 69% of Mastodon that's Japanese-based. I know about and - looking for other large nodes in the US, Europe, Japan...

Hearing @sandro predict that Mastodon will be at 20m users in June. Currently doubling its userbase weekly.

Sandro is giving a live Mastodon demo at at ... and this toot is part of the demo...

Satan's own sinus infection led to , in which I try to do everything I'm supposed to do without getting on a plane. So far, a board meeting in Washington, a massive meeting in Boston and a speech in Poland given by Skype. And now, home via Amtrak to western MA. Slowing down isn't such a bad thing.

Folks in academia in particular - please , a Hungarian/American university in danger of being shut down by Hungary's right-wing government:

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Ten years ago, platforms bragged that they were hosted in countries with minimal content laws. Fascinated to see a server advertise that they are hosted in a country with strong laws against hate speech. I guess that means we need to trust instance operators to have the resources to handle reports of illegal material, protect users from overreach, and keep their instance going. That's a big ask.


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