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daft punk: *fuses house with funk and disco to create catchy and danceable music*

edm artists: so what i'm taking from this is that we need to wear a big stupid helmet on stage

many say this. more and more people are saying this. hearing it a lot

it's gonna slap so hard when i'm 96 and the only phrases i remember how to use are 'that's right', 'hate to see it', and 'i'm the helldude'

the only phrase i will remember in the nursing home is "i've been saying this"

getting an anime nosebleed after seeinf some real honkin bazongas. Some downright devilish dibonkeridoos. Some really-(i am yanked offstage by a large cane)

whole lp tattooed on the back. just put a needle in there and start spinning

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it'd be pretty cool i think if you had a tattoo of a song. like the actual song encoded in a form such that it could be read and played

The reason guitarists are considered sexy but not bassists is because of white supremacy.

:promoted: by international bassists United INC

every british terf is a 50 year old married heterosexual named 'margaret' or 'joan' who has never had an orgasm

21yr old Tumblr user PussyEater500000 is in charge of the feminist council over there

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got my ass kicked so hard it knocked my balls all the way to the tip of my dick. it's unseemly and extremely painful. please donate to my gofundme so i can have someone push them back down

imagine if your dick and balls were backwards. like the balls were on the end. pretty fucked imo

i think you're putting your balls before the dick here


I always read bdg as buth dader ginsburg

you'd never hear someone talk about their 'balls and dick'. that would be wrong. this is what we call 'the natural order of things'

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