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detective pikachu is a cop. a low-down pig

this mf said 'four score and seven years ago' lmao

it's 3185. the decade doesn't end for half a decade yet. idk what you're talking about

robbing travellers and sacrificing them to kali

a lot of people read that leaked Facebook memo to mean Fb is threatened by federated platforms, but i think a more accurate reading is they fear hyperspecialized apps

for example if some company launched an app that was better at delivering minion memes, and another company launched an app that was better for hearing your uncle use racist slurs, and a third company launched an app that was better at letting you feel superior to your former classmates, then no one would need Facebook anymore

me and the guys at the combination business meeting/ammonite pride event

i admire my cats instinctual urge to hunt and kill me

dear theists,

if god is real,

how come my wife left me?

jeffrey epstein with telepathy. jeffrey esptein

Planned obsolecense must be made illegal

digital formats are superior means of transmitting information — they can be copied losslessly and fitted into very small spans of time and space — but they're inferior means of storing it

if an alien species found a well-stored phonograph record, it wouldn't be hard for them to figure out how to play it. if they found a cd, they'd have no idea how to interpret it w/o knowledge of the file format and the compression algorithm. it'd be the equivalent of a one-time pad

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i think a lot about how we've gone from storing information on stone and clay tablets that can be still read thousands of years on to digital formats that probably won't be readable in 10 years, even if they survive

So uh, remember that old joke from the 90's about how video games don't cause violence b/c "SimCity didn't cause an outbreak of urban planners"?

Yeah uh... about that:

so that's a rec for write dot freely and another for archive of our own. ao3 i know does not fit my needs. anyone use writefreely?

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Just remembered that David Koch is dead lol

no digital storage is truly long-term. where are you planning on storing the algorithms that enable you to read what's on your disk?

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