i think it's good they make computers for men. men should be allowed to use computers, too, even if some of the functionality is likely too complex for them

record yourself saying "uwu" and then delete it, you disgusting animal

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tom waits: what are you building in there?
me: get the hell off my property

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i am willing to excuse bob dylan hate given extenuating circumstances, but if i catch you disliking tom waits on my page you will be summarily executed

yea i'm an atheist:
A sanctified
T thru the grace
H of
E our
I lord
S jesus
T christ

My blaseball experience has been largely similar to how I spend my Friday evenings: begging and whimpering while people throw coins at me

you know how a colour wheel with enough colours kind of looks like a funnel? with a hole in the middle? that's the colourspaces pussy

@esvrld teeth are cereal, soup is ancap, bisexuals walk like this and pansexuals love to shop

@esvrld teeth are bonepilled. real lesbians don't sail. the joker is a short king

mentally dividing all of you into 'poshos' and 'wastemen'

selfagency, the astral babies person. they;re all there

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so you're not allowing me to enter your huge glass dome that keeps your moon colony alive? Huh?

the real reason i've my follows & followers hidden is i'm actually mutuals with every single cancelled fediverse personality. they all came back, skeleton is just the one who went public about it

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