so far today i have:
- looked at some extremely trashy porno
- eaten macaroni raw because i forgot how to turn the stove on
- accidentally shredded a tax cheque and mailed a folder documenting my tax evasion to the irs
- fallen on my ass
- pissed myself

and it's only 3 pm.!

disgraceful to see posts about mastodon development in ... that's for shitposting and porno only

i think many of us should think a bit less about, 'discord servers', and a little more about, 'serving god'...

something i've discovered is if you eat kiwi, tea will taste bad right after that. it's like toothpaste and apples

weird seeing posts actually about developing mastodev in

fucking disgusted that porn is allowed on the and tags. don't they know there's for that

drank a whole canister of oil because i thought it was ink


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