here's a palate cleanser from the meta (nsfw nude) 


me trying to send joke replies to the same people i'm accusing of wanting to gulag me

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a fun game when someone fills their diapers about monads is to pick a random person agreeing with them and see how many posts you can count between that and them boosting a monads user. here the interval was 6 posts. life comes at you fast i guess

meta, receipts 

for those interested but not interested enough to go looking, here's favs (first screencap) and boosts (second screencap) as of this writing

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about to fav a maga video cc'd to a brown person, unaware this will cause my name and picture to show up underneath the video

this strikes me as deeply condescending. 'drink water :)) unless you'd rather drink sand instead :))) it won't help you but i guess you just like being a dumb piece of shit huh :)))'

i think at this point we should let democracy die in darkness

xi is the cyberbullying president and for that alone he has my vote

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