things users coming in from twitter like:
— the tweetdeck-like interface
— chronological tl
— platform moderated based on actual principles, not what a braindead billionaire thinks is best pr
— the local tl and how it acts like a chatroom
— admins who see you as a community, not ad revenue
— ability to spin off and customise your own instance


things mastodon has:
— the good ui hidden behind a button that is itself hidden
— performance issues hide your posts more efficiently than any algorithm
— platform moderated based on what your choice of a german engineer or a bunch of rabidly antisemitic furries have deluded themselves into thinking is good pr for their platform the public doesn't know about
— can't access the local tl
— project manager who sees you as sex doll sponsorship revenue

and you can make your own instance if you love troubleshooting obscure ruby on rails issues, manually defederating from massive numbers of paedophiles, and not being able to change the character limit on image descriptions for some reason

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