to call the us a 'failed state' presumes this is not them fulfilling their function

the one characteristic of the state is its monopoly on legitimatised violence; and the purpose of exercising that monopoly is the maintenence of class antagonism, of the extractive structures of capitalism and colonialism. everything else is accessory to that. when the government tells you to die for the line to go up this is the function they're fulfilling. you might say they're not doing a great job of it, but that's because the function itself is unsustainable

the point is there is no possible non-failed version of the us that would be capable of containing covid or making the justice system not be racist. to do either would go against their actual function

that eg china has been capable of containing covid simply proves that the chinese state does not have the same function — to use a theory word, it does not have the same class character as the us do

@esvrld i mean tbf they're fucking that up pretty well too. their big goal right now is to limit china's influence and, uh. that's not going too well

@esvrld tbf i think there is pretty significant faction action within the american bourgeoisie, and stuff like the collapse of biden's spending plan and failing to join the trans-pacific partnership does represent failure by finance capital to exert their influence over a failing state apparatus

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